Download Microsoft Office 365 (Free Download)


Download Microsoft Office 365 (Free Download)



Among all the versions of Microsoft Office that have been circulating, the most popularized by Microsoft is Microsoft Office 365. This attitude is understandable because this one Office product has a very different sales scheme and is much more profitable.

To use Microsoft Office 365, there is a subscription fee that you have to pay as long as the software you still need, in contrast to other Microsoft Office packages such as Microsoft Office 2019 that you can have forever with just one payment.

To attract consumers, Microsoft promises various advantages that you can only enjoy in Microsoft Office 365. Among them, the advantage that is perhaps the most important for many users is the update which includes the addition of new features.

Microsoft Office 365 Features

Microsoft Office 365 is designed with collaborative aspects in mind so that its presence can be more integrated with the work environment. Inside there are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, and some extras like SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

What you get from Microsoft Office 365 depends on the subscription plan you choose. Judging from the frequency of payments, there are two subscription schemes, namely monthly and yearly. In terms of implementation, the variety of schemes is even wider aimed at the scope of small businesses, large companies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.

Broadly speaking, there are a number of benefits of subscribing to Microsoft Office 365, namely OneDrive capacity up to 1 TB, always getting the latest features, centralized work collaboration, cutting IT infrastructure costs, and accessing files from various locations through an internet connection.

Microsoft Outlook is also part of the complete facilities offered in Microsoft Office 365 and is commonly used for communication in the world of work with fellow colleagues. In addition to sending and receiving email messages, Microsoft Outlook can also be used to create message templates, set message delivery schedules, set meeting schedules, manage tasks, share calendars, and others.

Microsoft SharePoint is a major part of Microsoft Office 365 which is a collaboration platform between fellow users. Each document can be shared easily through the platform. Anyone with access permission can edit shared documents, and even edits can be done by several people at the same time. And there are many other SharePoint benefits that can maximize work efficiency when all its features are used carefully.

Download Microsoft Office 365

For personal needs that are non-commercial in nature, using Microsoft Office 365 may be considered excessive because of its expensive subscription fees. It's better to buy Microsoft Office 2019 or even use other alternatives like LibreOffice.

For professional needs, especially within the scope of organizations, the costs that must be incurred to use Microsoft Office 365 are worth all the conveniences obtained so it is not surprising that the number of users continues to grow. Download the latest Microsoft Office 365 for free via the link below: