Google Brings Generative AI to Google Maps!


Google Brings Generative AI to Google Maps!


Google through the development of Bard and AI, is now again expanding its reach in several applications or services that they have been developing. One of them is Google Maps which was earlier rumored to be the next application that uses AI assistance from Google.

Today, Google is proud to introduce that Google Maps has now been equipped with the latest generative AI. Of course, there will be new features provided by Google, but for now after we look for further information Google has just released its new feature for Maps users in the US or United States.

By using a wider range of languages, users can now easily search for locations or places using text alone. For example, when you want to find a small park, Google will provide recommendations for small parks in the nearest location.

Pretty cool, isn't it? This feature is named "Local Guides" which allows users to be able to easily search for the location they want. Of course, because Google has a lot of documentation, the search you want will later display a number of images about the place you are going to.

"The results are organized into categories and come with photo carousels and review summaries which highlight why a place might be of interest to you based on your prompt. Once you've asked something, you can then continue the conversation with a follow-up question without restating anything – so you can just jump straight to "how about lunch?" in the aforementioned example. Then you'll get places that match the vibe you were going for.

Of course you can save all of the places that get recommended to you this way, or share them with friends. The sky's the limit, as they say, with regard to what you can ask, which is what can potentially make this a very useful feature."

Surely this is a big improvement in Google Maps, considering that this service has become the best and most used Maps service among platforms with the same features and services. What do you think?