Microsoft Begins Voice AI Trial on Windows 11 Build 26040


Microsoft Begins Voice AI Trial on Windows 11 Build 26040



Good news for those of you who use Windows 11 Build 26040, where later will the arrival of the latest Flagship feature for the Copilot upgrade. Microsoft is currently releasing the Voice AI feature for Windows 11 Build 26040 users, which will later be a complement to Copilot.

What does it mean? Well, not many people know about Voice AI, the advantage is that it allows PC devices to be able to filter sound and produce better sound quality. According to Microsoft, the technology they present is able to project better and clearer sound quality.

"State-of-the-art AI technology, cancel echo, suppress background noise, and reduce reverberation in real-time." Microsoft wrote.

Microsoft also added that PC devices that support this feature are those that use X64 CPU and ARM64, that means all PCs running using the Windows 11 operating system are supported by the latest features of Voice AI.

Sounds exciting, right?  However, we can't help if later Microsoft will stop some features that cannot be accessed in Windows 11 by your PC. For example, the company itself does provide support for installing Windows 11 on X64 PCs with small RAM sizes, but they limit its features.

If you don't really feel important with this feature, then Windows 11 Build 26040 users also get several advantages through the improvements they present, including the following:

  • Windows will instantly notify users when a new photo or screenshot is taken on their Android device. Users can then edit or view the image.
  • The Windows OS Media setup UI gets a much-needed refresh to match it with the current design language. However, we noticed that Microsoft previously tested the design in early builds of Windows 10, but never shipped it in the production.
  • Microsoft is adding support for the latest USB4 standard, increasing performance to 80GBps from 40Gbps. However, supported hardware will be needed for this.
  • Accessibility gets easier with enhanced image consumption features in Narrator. This will make it easier for users to navigate images, and Windows will recognize text images better.
  • Screen Casting gets an update with better discoverability and Settings.
  • The Windows Local Administrator Password Solution(LAPS) is getting a hefty update. LAPS is used primarily by IT admins to manage local accounts, so general users will not notice the improvements.
  • Other noticeabl