Microsoft Brings Copilot AI to Windows 11 Notepad


Microsoft Brings Copilot AI to Windows 11 Notepad



Windows 11 has gotten a Major Update with the release of Copilot in its default operating system. This makes Microsoft the most advanced company today in the field of AI development, of course they are not alone because they work with OpenAI which created ChatGPT. With the base of ChatGPT in Windows 11, of course, there are many features provided by the company.

Yesterday they had planned to release Copilot in Notepad, a service that will completely replace WordPad. Several automatic features will be present in Notepad, one of which is the option to copy Query to use Chat Box.

Later you will open Copilot to find the answer. I think this is quite confusing, because instead of having Copilot in Notepad but users still have to open the Copilot window separately and not in Notepad.

Notepad also gets some feature support from several new updates, where it supports Tabs, Themes to character counts. There will be new changes and improvements in the Windows 11 Insider Preview version with OS Build 26052 in the Dev and Canary Channel versions.

"After upgrading to build 26052, you can use sudo on Windows. You can use the Audio mic test utility to configure and fine-tune your input. There's also a feature to manage ambient sound using a hearing aid that supports Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (LE Audio) for a better calling experience. However, the user must have an LE Audio-compatible PC to access this feature.

The Copilot is the center of major improvements and now moves to the extreme right side of the taskbar. It is now resizable and can be used in side-by-side or overlay mode. Whenever you copy some text, you can click on the Copilot icon and then pick the Summarize, Explain, or Send to Copilot option like you do in Notepad." Reporting from Windows Latest.

 The improvements provided have long been rumored to be present in Copilot, which is finally only realized in 2024. Microsoft will continue to expand their services that are integrated with Copilot Windows, even have released it in Windows 10.