Microsoft Edge is Much Faster than Safari on Apple Silicon


Microsoft Edge is Much Faster than Safari on Apple Silicon


Microsoft Edge is one of the browsers that is made to be used cross-platform, that means this service can be accessed on various platforms because it is designed in such a way by Microsoft. The company has provided a lot of development to prove that Edge is worth using.

This they prove until now, just imagine Edge can now be accessed on Apple silicon, to Mobile devices on Android and iOS. With this, users can easily access it anywhere, even by storing their data because Edge also has an account feature that you can enter your personal account.

Showing off the capabilities of Edge, recently the Microsoft company shared through its official Blog page about the ability of Edge which is allegedly faster and lighter than the previous version. According to Microsoft, they provide a lighter upgrade in Apple silicon, as we know that Apple uses their Apple silicon in M2.

"The performance at which Microsoft Edge renders webpages has always been a top priority for us. Recently, we have enabled Profile-Guided Optimizations (PGO) for Macs with M2, which has shown up to 20% improvements in key browser benchmarks. PGO is a compiler optimization technique that uses profiling to improve program runtime performance. We're also excited to announce that our Speedometer score is now over 500 on Macs with M2 (our tests were run on a Mac Mini with M2)."

For more details, you can see the graph shared by Microsoft below:

Looks like a high improvement, right? Most likely the increase given is not only thanks to the development of Edge alone, but from Apple Silicon itself. M2 as one of the fastest processors today also helps many other platforms, including Edge itself.

Several other browsers also use this tool to check the speed of their browsers, and it has indeed improved in Apple silicon.

  • Speedometer 2.1 determines the responsiveness of a browser, so it's a good benchmark to use for overall website performance.
  • MotionMark 1.2 is a graphical browser test suite that measures the rendering performance of complex webpages that have lots of graphics & animations, such as Excel Online.
  • And JetStream measures how quickly browsers can start & run code. It's a good measure for how responsive the browser is on code-intensive sites.

What do you think? If you are one of the MacBook users then you can share what it's like to run Edge or Chrome browser on the device.