Microsoft Presents Full Screen in Windows 11 Copilot


Microsoft Presents Full Screen in Windows 11 Copilot


For those who use Windows 11 may already know exactly that the Copilot service has become a built-in service that installs automatically in Windows 11, this is because Microsoft wants to bring their built-in AI service in the Windows 11 operating system.

The Copilot will appear on the right side of your PC screen, so you can interact directly with Copilot which is powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT AI. This development is one of the Major Updates in Windows 11 and also an increase in AI on a global scale. Even Copilot managed to attract the hearts of consumers from several other large companies such as Google to Apple.

The Copilot display in Windows 11 that you can see is as follows:

Only part of the screen is open because since the beginning of its development Microsoft has only presented a small display like Pop-ups, where you can write text messages and interact with ChatGPT. But now, the company is again updating the UI and UX appearance of Copilo, which looks like below:

Wider and wider, right? This has indeed been planned by Microsoft, through Shilpa Ranganathan as Windows CVP, he added that this size change has been discussed by company insiders for quite a long time. You as a user can now easily resize it with the Drag feature in Copilot.

"You can now drag the Copilot window to expand it further left. We kept dragging but couldn't reach the extreme of the screen. It means that Copilot is reliable but cannot cover your full screen. We also noticed a dedicated button to make Copilot appear side by side with another open window. Once you click on it, Copilot will cover half the screen alongside any open app. Copilot will return to the overlay mode if you click on the button again."

The changes they make are most likely a little update that they specifically for Copilot users, considering that Copilot is currently officially 1 year old since its initial release in February 2023 yesterday.