Microsoft Proves It Can Super Resolution Level in Windows 11


Microsoft Proves It Can Super Resolution Level in Windows 11


Microsoft again brings quite interesting news to investigate, this giant company provides new capabilities in Windows 11 by bringing features to maximize the ability of the screen to work more optimally. Leaked information suggests that the company will release a feature called Super Resolution.

What is Super Resolution? This feature is a feature that is carried by using Artificial Intelligence or AI capabilities, where the ability allows users to be able to easily get higher and smoother graphics and screen quality. In fact, it not only works for Games but also works for other applications or platforms.

In general, this feature allows Windows 11 users to be able to get better screen quality, in terms of brightness to graphics. Because the average Windows 11 user is currently using desktop support with high-spec displays.

To get this feature, users are required to activate it through the Settings, Display page and select Graphics. But to be able to get it, you must activate it using ViveTool, because Microsoft itself has only activated this feature for a small number of users. You can enter the following code in ViveTool;  vivetool /enable /id:39695921 /variant:3

"Version 24H2 will have an AI "Super Resolution" feature, as previous reports mentioned. Here are some settings for it in Graphics settings – a default toggle and per-app options. (26052).” Write one Windows 11 user through the X platform"

If after you activate it and it doesn't appear, then you can change back to enter the code in ViveTool and immediately reboot the process first. Then, you access it again on the Settings page and activate the Super Resolution feature as usual.

Microsoft for now does not provide confirmation regarding the release of this feature, but what is clear is that it will certainly be released in the Stable version of Windows 11. Of course, with the presence of this feature, there is a lot of curiosity about whether this display can make performance smoother?  What do you think? For those of you Windows 11 users, you can try activating this feature.