NEWS: Google Develops Gemini AI for Headphones


NEWS: Google Develops Gemini AI for Headphones


Some time ago Google has officially changed the Brand from Bard to Gemini, the improvement they provide can be said to be better when it has changed Branding to Gemini. Some of these improvements allow Gemini or Google AI users to get better feature support and responsiveness.

Currently Google has launched Gemini in several regions such as the US, Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Canada. Google promises that they will release Gemini in many countries including the European market. Interestingly, some time ago Google said that Gemini will also be developed to support Headphone devices.

"Gemini mobile app is working on expanding availability to make it accessible on your headphones." Google said.

So what makes it different if you already use Gemini support? Well, one of the leaks says that with Gemini support in Headphones, Google can provide some additional commands by just using gestures to activate Voice Assistant.

So, our shadow with Voice Assist earlier, users only need to command using voice commands only. For example, when you want a song to stop, you only need to speak by saying "Stop!" or even continue to the next song by saying "Next!", cool, right?

"Some headphones have a gesture or a button that activates a voice assistant, and currently, it is only Google Assistant, even if Gemini replaced it on the smartphone. Pixel Buds Pro, for example, still works with the old service, which is evident from the voice and capabilities, according to the source.

Google emphasized that it is working primarily on the smartphone app, which is yet to arrive in Europe, one of the company's major markets. When Gemini does arrive for audio wearables, we expect shorter answers or a playback speed customization." Quoted from GSMArena.

Google seems to be releasing their latest Headset series which is what else if not included in the Pixel Buds Series later. So far Google has not made a Headset device and more released Earbuds. So it will be interesting when they release it with the advantages already installed Gemini in it.