NEWS: Microsoft Confirms Not to Release Windows 12 This Year


NEWS: Microsoft Confirms Not to Release Windows 12 This Year


Some time ago rumors came from Qualcomm who provided a little information from Windows 12, which according to some rumors will be released in the near future. But the fact is that Microsoft will most likely release Windows 11 24H2 this year, not Windows 12. This is confirmed indirectly by Microsoft through their documents.

However, until now Microsoft itself has not given an updated statement about what their actions are, which is clear that it could be true that Windows 12 is not ready to be released and ends up with Windows 11 24H2 as a major update or Major Update in Windows OS in 2024.

Microsoft will most likely bring many improvements to Windows 12, one of which is more mature Copilot support. The concept of Windows 12 is expected to come with features developed for AI, although currently Windows 11 is equipped with AI through Copilot.

"Windows 11 will have an annual feature update cadence that releases in the second half of the calendar year." Microsoft said.

Although Qualcomm is currently saying that Microsoft might bring surprises through Windows 12, but Microsoft itself chose to release a Major Update that comes with Windows 11 24H2.

"So does that mean bigger changes are not expected? Well, not really. It is important to understand that the branding of Windows releases isn't important. Even though the next version of Windows isn't named Windows 12, but rather "Windows 11 2024 Update," it doesn't mean there won't be significant updates or changes. The names and branding of the operating system are chosen by the marketing team, which means they can decide on any name that fits their strategy.

Windows has a new leadership headed by the Microsoft Bing team, which wants more people to try Windows Copilot and other AI features. To achieve this, Microsoft plans to focus on releasing new updates for Windows 11 instead of creating another Windows release like Windows 12."

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