NEWS: Microsoft, Google and Apple Inc will work together?


NEWS: Microsoft, Google and Apple Inc will work together?


Microsoft recently made an announcement about their plans for the future, based on leaks that we get indicate that Microsoft, Google and Apple Inc. will participate in the development of more efficient and flexible browsers in the future.

Based on the latest information we get, when this giant company will cooperate in the development of more advanced browsers, as many of us already know that when this company has a browser service that has long been released and used daily. Call it Google Chrome, Safari and Edge.

The three companies will work together on the development of browser technology that is lighter, and can be better integrated so that it can support running on other operating systems. The program they are implementing is Interop 2024 which will be the beginning of all browser services.

Maybe you've heard of it, haven't you? Because this program was previously implemented in 2021, then in 2024 it was re-released with the cooperation of world giant companies, including Mozilla Firefox. The focus is to provide efficiency and opportunities for developers to be able to create a lighter browser platform.

"Microsoft, together with companies like Apple, Google, Firefox, and others, announced Interop 2024, a continuation of their joint effort to make modern browsers better and capable of delivering a consistent user experience across platforms. Their goal is to "reach a state where each technology works the same in every browser." Whether you use Edge, Firefox, or Safari, all websites should deliver the same expected experience and features on all supported operating systems."

This project is now starting to run and there are many developers who are given the opportunity to develop each browser, therefore they use many languages and architectures such as HTML, CSS and others. Of course, thanks to this development, more capable access will be created in Chrome, Safari, Edge to Firefox browser services.

"Besides the main focus areas, Interop 2024 will improve accessibility, custom properties, font size, pointer events, scrollbar styling, text directionality, and more." Quoted from Neowin.