Super Resolution in Windows 11, Powerful to Improve Gaming Performance


Super Resolution in Windows 11, Powerful to Improve Gaming Performance


Yesterday we just released news about a new feature in Windows 11 called Super Resolution. This feature is powered by AI from Microsoft, providing a smoother and super-stable experience for graphics and resolution enhancements in Windows 11. Isn't it cool? It could be Gamers' favorite feature~

Super Resolution itself is a product of DirectML, where there will be API integration to allow the processor NPU to work more optimally and lightly. Currently Microsoft provides improvements for Intel Core Ultra processors, but in the future the company promises to release them on AMD and Qualcomm through Snapdragon X Elite.

Reporting from Windows Latest, Super Resolution itself provides improvements for Games graphics, because it does allow a more stable graphic display and even reported from Microsoft this feature can be used to improve the performance of other platforms to display more stable graphics.

This feature has not been released globally, as it is still in the process of testing. But later you can access this feature by setting several options and settings, for now it can only be accessed for Canary and Dev users who have updated to Build OS 26052.

"Auto Super Resolution is a product of DirectML, an API that can utilize the NPU of the processor. However, the feature is exclusive to Intel Core Ultra processors, but it may expand to AMD (XDNA) and Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite processors that come with a dedicated NPU. The tooltip of the Auto Super Resolution briefly mentions that it will use AI to make supported games play more smoothly with enhanced details. It could be exclusive to some games, favorably the popular AAA titles. However, you can use Auto Super Resolution with apps."

To get this feature, you must activate it in ViveTool, for how you can activate it by following the following steps. What do you think? It is very mandatory to try this feature, based on claims, this feature is able to improve the graphics capabilities of your PC.