Windows 10 KB5034763 Released, Reveals Some New Features


Windows 10 KB5034763 Released, Reveals Some New Features


Some time ago Microsoft just released their latest update for those of you who use the Windows 10 version. This latest development will give Windows 10 users access to several new features, not only that through this month's update Windows 10 users get a new security system.

Through Windows Update, you can easily update Windows 10 to the KB5034768 version that has also been released by the company's Offline Installer version. This version also comes with the Windows 10 22H2 version security system. Well yesterday the Company also released Weather Widget for Windows 11 users, but now it will also be present in the Windows 10 version.

"If you click on it and log in, you'll get the full weather report in Microsoft Edge. If you already use the Weather setting on your lock screen, you don't need to do anything new. This feature will turn on by itself if you haven't chosen a lock screen status, but you'll still see it no matter what kind of lock screen you like." Quoted from Windows Latest"

In addition, Windows 10 users KB5034763 also get system security and bug fixes than before, The company has also added improvements to Windows Management Instrumentation or WMI which caused some Time Zone problems. Here are some of the improvements provided by Microsoft through Windows 10 KB5034763:

If you use Remote Desktop, this update fixes a problem where you couldn't get back to your old session and had to start a new one. It also makes sure keyboard language changes work right in RemoteApps.

For admins, there are fixes for when the computer starts up, how it connects to networks, and how it manages user groups and policies.

Microsoft also solved issues with cloud files not deleting correctly, apps not opening, and setting up group policies in complex network setups.

In addition, for those of you who use BitLocker to store and secure data, this update comes with improvements to manage services in Microsoft Intune.n