You Can't Uninstall Microsoft Edge on Windows 11!


You Can't Uninstall Microsoft Edge on Windows 11!


Microsoft Edge is the default browser, which is no stranger, isn't it? However, Windows 11 users really don't like it when the Microsoft team says that they can't give access to Uninstall Edge on the Windows 11 operating system, which is certainly something that makes us shake our heads.

We and maybe users outside Windows already know that Edge is not a browser that is in great demand, than Edge Windows users are actually more comfortable using other browsers such as Google Chrome. Although various kinds of ads have been issued by Microsoft to encourage Edge users, it is certainly difficult to beat the popularity of Chrome.

According to the information we got said that Windows 11 users will not be able to delete Edge on their systems, while for users in Europe can. This is because the Microsoft team cannot violate the rules that apply in the DMA (Digital Market Act) regarding the provisions of their browsers.

"So, European Economic Area Windows users can uninstall Edge like any other system app. They can also remove Web Search from Microsoft Bing (EEA exclusive), Photos, Cortana, and Camera. It sounds like a win for them, but if you mapped your Windows device to a reason other than Europe, you must bear with Microsoft Edge, as you have until now."

Windows 11 users in the European region are given access to be able to delete Photos, Edge to other default applications. So that it becomes a distinct advantage for users in regions outside the USA, UK and Asian markets.

Is there another way?

EXIST! To be able to remove Edge and some other default services, you must change the Region to Europe or EEA. Later, after changing the location, you can access the Uninstall button again in System Apps.

"Currently, the biggest USP of Microsoft Edge is Copilot. The AI-focused search engine is inseparable from the browser. Microsoft didn't limit its reach and extended its availability to other popular browsers, Windows, and even mobile (Android and iOS)."

Meanwhile, this change is not yet valid now because it is likely to be released in the Moment 5 Update. So at least we Nesaba team have given small steps for how to remove it later.