February 2024 Update Causes Problems, Taskbar Disappears Instantly


February 2024 Update Causes Problems, Taskbar Disappears Instantly



A few days ago, in February 2024, Microsoft released an update for Windows 11 and Windows 10 that caused problems with some users. Based on reports, the February 2024 update for Windows 11 caused the Taskbar to disappear or Crash after users finished the update. This issue seems to affect Windows 10 KB5034763 and Windows 11 KB5034765.

According to some sources we found on some platforms like Reddit, Microsoft is investigating reports of an issue where the Taskbar failed to perform normally as usual. One user on social media explained that after installing Windows 10 KB5034763, their taskbar failed to display Windows Security, Sound, Network and other Tray icons that usually appear in the System Tray.

In addition, installed applications also do not appear as usual when the taskbar was lost. In the Feedback Hub, some users have flagged similar issues stating the taskbar doesn't show app icons like Wi-Fi and sound, forcing them to rely on shortcuts like Alt+Tab to navigate between apps.

It turns out that this problem is felt by a lot of Windows 11 and 10 users, they mentioned the same issue where the Taskbar display will disappear when they finish entering the PIN for the login process. In Windows 11, a similar issue has been reported, with one user explaining that the taskbar disappears when the desktop and shortcuts appear.

In a Reddit thread, some users reported that removing Windows 11 KB5034765 solve the problem, but this is not a good idea for everyone. That's because KB5034765 is a security update, and it contains important bug fixes, which may be especially important in the workplace.

It should be noted that although attempts to fix the problem through methods such as restarting File Explorer or running Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM), System File Checker (SFC), and even Registry Tweaks did not make this problem complete aka this issue persisted.

You can reinstall updates in Windows 11 by uninstalling them, rebooting the system, checking for updates, and rebooting the system again after Windows OS finishes downloading the patch.