Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 2024 Release, Brings Wi-Fi 7?


Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 2024 Release, Brings Wi-Fi 7?


Some time ago Microsoft was rumored to release the latest update for Windows 11 2024 this year, although Microsoft did not provide further details so we think that this is just a rumor. After appearing enough evidence, we finally received information that the release itself will indeed be released in the near future.

After finally rumored rumors, finally the company provided information that Windows 11 2024 will be released in the near future and will be a Major Update for Windows 11 users. Of course, there will be improvements provided by the company in this update, one of which is connectivity support. Although this one information does not come directly from Microsoft, it is quite concrete because it comes from another giant company, namely Intel.

Intel itself says that Windows 11 2024 itself will be released using more advanced connectivity support, where it will use Wi-Fi 7. Of course, you must have a device that supports Wi-Fi 7, even if you already have it then you can't use this technology because you have to wait for the latest update to get it.

"So, if you have supported Intel hardware and are on Windows 11 preview builds, you can already experience the new Wi-Fi 7 improvements. Intel warns that the Wi-Fi 7 capabilities require a "pending OS" update, so even if you grab the new drivers and install them on your production PC, you won't be able to use the Wi-Fi 7 capabilities until the update is officially released."

Mircosoft also added information about update support for Windows 10, where they will use some cool names that will later become the name of the update, just like Hudson Valley in Windows 11.

The next Windows update has a simple marketing name: 'Windows 11 2024 Update', and it's good (and perhaps better than the Windows 10 naming approach). Windows updates often have different version numbers and marketing names. This allows the tech giant to distinguish between major, feature-rich updates and regular, more minor updates like Moment updates or Patch Tuesday releases that offer quality improvements. The naming conventions for Windows versions have always been a hot topic of discussion as the company's approach has changed significantly over the years. Microsoft has used a variety of naming conventions for Windows 10 releases, including "Anniversary Update" and "Creators Update."