Microsoft Edge 112 Releases Hide Sidebar Button Feature


Microsoft Edge 112 Releases Hide Sidebar Button Feature



For those of you who use Microsoft Edge, then you certainly know the Sidebar feature which is actually not so important to use. Not without reason, of course, many people after the release of the Sidebar feature gave a scathing criticism to Microsoft which was considered not to present useful features and only added features that were not important.

Therefore, many Edge users who will not use this feature because it is felt that it only fills the screen and also this feature presents Bing Chat which can be accessed through their official website. Well finally after getting a lot of criticism, Microsoft released a feature that allows users to be able to hide the Sidebar or Hide Sidebar Button easily, so users do not need to set it in the system.

"If you want to hide the new sidebar in Microsoft Edge, update the browser to version 122 and click the settings cog icon in the collapsed sidebar. This will open Microsoft Edge Settings > Sidebar > Customize sidebar, and you can toggle off the "Show sidebar button" option to turn off the Sidebar button."

To hide the Sidebar earlier, you can access Settins, then you will see the Sidebar option and need to click it. Later there will be a Sidebar Customization option and you can disable a Toggle with the name Sidebar Button which will automatically disable the Sidebar display in Microsoft Edge.

After that you will see the Sidebar removed and display the three dot options as before, where if you click it will display several options such as Settings and other options by default. Good news, isn't it? What about repairs? Well, they also released some improvements such as:

  • You can now easily configure policy recommendations, allowing admins in your organization to set recommended policies.
  • Microsoft has fixed an issue where Print to PDF failed to correctly print the documents when you opened PDFs in landscape mode.

Meanwhile, to get this update, you must update it in Settings. If you don't get it, you can do the Update process in the Microsoft Store directly. Good luck!