Microsoft Gives New Right-Click on Build 26058, More Modern?


Microsoft Gives New Right-Click on Build 26058, More Modern?


The Context menu has now been updated by Microsoft, in their latest build there will be improved changes to the Context Menu which is claimed to be better and more modern. Previously it only displayed a logo and without text or labels, now in Windows 11 Build 26058 you will see a different Context Menu display.

Now, the basic action icon has a label that appears below it. This makes it easier to identify the actual use of the icon rather than guessing before clicking on it. Don't you think? For old Windows users may also be confused because the latest Context Menu comes with changes to the design of every icon they have in Windows 11.

So, in our opinion, with the addition of this label, it is easier for users to identify what features and what their functions are, so they don't just guess. This was eventually granted by Microsoft and added a small change that certainly had a big impact, the Context Menu with labels in it, like the following:

After updating to Windows 11 24H2, we compare the old and new right-click in File Explorer. This is an excellent improvement of the empty space in the context menu without littering it with multiple labels in Right-Click File Explorer. In our opinion, the appearance has changed a bit, more minimalist, but in fact it is filled with many features that work every day.

The previous Context Menu did get a lot of criticism from users because it was too short and required additional steps to reveal everything. Many even use Registry Tweaks to restore old Windows 10 style context menus. However, this build has some interesting upgrades, right?

Not only bringing changes in the Context Menu but there are several system improvements provided by the company, including the following:

  • Windows Sandbox encountered the error code 0x800736b3 with a 'could not be initialized' message.
  • Rampant black screens after installing the build 26040.
  • Incorrect Focus session status in notifications even when it is not running.
  • The incorrect last checked time appeared in Windows Update in Settings.

For those of you who want to get the latest changes and fixes, you can update the system to Build version 26058.