Good News, Zoom Application Is Safe from Hacker Attacks


Good News, Zoom Application Is Safe from Hacker Attacks

The Zoom application is an alternative to group communication in the midst of the Covid19 outbreak. But lately, there is the problem of zoombombing in the Zoom App. Previously in Indonesia, zoombombing had occurred in the form of a nasty scene in the application in Zoom in the discussion of the National Information and Communication Technology Council.

Zoomboombing is an intrusion of the Zoom App when the user is using teleconferencing. Zoom Developer claims to have received many reports about zoombombing. But no need to worry because now there is a solution.

to suppress the existence of these disturbing phenomena, Zoom App has provided several solutions, one of which is reporting features during meetings or teleconferences.

Additional Features Zoom Security Application

In a statement, as quoted by The Verge, The Zoom App adds an option to the teleconference host to report zoombombing to the application. With this step, Zoom hopes to help and once it gets a report the company will reduce zoombombing material .

Zoom said the zoombombing reporting feature will immediately be in the application on April 26 along with the application update.

This feature can provide reports that can be sent to the Zoom Trust & Safety team for the next step to evaluate failures in the platform. The team includes being able to block users if needed Zoom said in his statement.

If there is an incident or hack on a naughty account that has done Zoombombing , Zoom insists both the host and admin accounts originating from a teleconference will not be interrupted and remain able to continue its settings.

Use of the Zoom App surged during the Covid-19 pandemic during which residents were asked to work from home. So no wonder, Zoom is targeted by hackers who interfere with zoombombing by teleconference.

Zoom has provided security options to deal with zoombombing, namely with passwords and waiting rooms for meeting participants. This option is also available for users of the Free version. And at this time Zoom is able to delete the Meeting ID from the meeting title. It means that the meeting ID is not stolen and the information is used ignorantly when used by people who are not invited in a meeting.

So now the Zoom App is safe from Hacker or Zoombombing Attacks . For now don't be afraid to use the Zoom Application.