How To Change Android Fonts To Be More Cool


How To Change Android Fonts To Be More Cool


You might already be bored with standard font types on mobile. Try changing your standard Android font to another cool type of font . Unusual font types can affect your mood when writing messages to someone or taking notes on a smartphone.

To get your favorite type of font, you don't need to root the smartphone. Now there are many platforms and application providers that can be downloaded for free or paid.

How to change the font simply can be done through the device settings menu and select the type of font provided by the phone. However, the available font types are limited. It's possible, your favorite font isn't there. If what you want isn't there, use an additional application to get a cooler type of font.

Use the Launcher App

You can change the font to your liking with the add app, namely Launcher. This application can be downloaded for free on PlayStore. Look for an application called Go Launcher Ex and install it on your Android. Enter the installed application, and select Go Louncher Fonts. Determine the type of font you want to download and install it on your smartphone.

Select the font type that you downloaded as the default font on your smartphone. Try writing the words in the messaging application or note to find out that your favorite font has been successfully installed.

Use the HiFont App

Not only the Launcher can help you get cool font types on Android. You can also use the HiFont application by downloading it in PlayStore. Here you will find a variety of font types.

After the application is installed on your smartphone, open the application and you will be presented with many fonts that you can choose. Next, press the download button on the cool font type of your choice. Then your favorite font will be installed on the smartphone and you can try it by writing a message or note.

Use the iFont App

Not much different from the HiFont application , iFont also provides a large selection of beautiful font types that you can download. Download and install the iFont application on PlayStore for free. Before opening this application, you need to set the "unknown sources" by: opening settings / settings - select lock screen and security - select unknown sources.

Next, open the iFont application that is already installed on your device. A lot of cool font choices will appear that you can accuse. After successfully downloading, you can activate the font as the default font on your smartphone. So that the fonts automatically in messaging, notes, and others will change.

Smart Launcher 5 App

Like the previous three applications, through Smart Launcher 5 you can also change the cool font types on Android. How, download the Smart Launcher 5 application on PlayStore and install it on your device. This application is not paid or free.

Once installed, open the application and enter the Smart Launcher settings menu 5. Select Global Appearance - Font - and select the type of writing you want to activate. Then the font of your choice will immediately activate and you can try it. This application is classified as more simple and easy to use.

Install the FontFix App

Next, try a variety of cool fonts using the FontFix application . You must download it first on PlayStore for free. This application provides up to thousands of cool and unique font types that you can choose from.

Once installed, open the FontFix application , select your favorite font type, then click Install. Then the font that you have selected will be installed on your device. Using this application to change the type of writing does not need to root the smartphone.

It's easy, right? You can change the cool font type on Android without having to root the cellphone. Enjoy beautiful writing by changing the default smartphone default font with cool fonts through the 5 applications above. Good luck.