How to Hack WhatsApp Chat Via Email


How to Hack WhatsApp Chat Via Email


The WhatsApp application is now global and widely used for communication.Therefore, all smartphones currently have the WhatsApp application to communicate, including unmarried or married couples. However, have you ever suspected your partner's chat chat? This time we want to share the following  Ways to Chat WhatsApp Via Email

Hack Whatsapp via Gmail email, you can find out all the contents of your partner or friend's chat.

Check out the Following Tutorial :
  • Open your target Whatsapp / Spouse Whatsapp Application.
  • Click the Settings button in the upper right corner.
  • Then Enter the Chat Menu on the Target Smartphone.
  • And Select Chat History.
  • Then do the chatting export.
  • And Choose which chat you will steal.
  • After Done choose Direct Export the contents of the Chat. (Include Media)
 If you only want to know the contents of the chat in the form of text Do not want to Include Media Select do not include Media. Media Like (Photos, Audio or Video)

And the Last Step Select Gmail to send all the contents of the chat that has been selected.

 And that's the way to Hack WhatsApp Chat via Email, hopefully this article will be useful. Don't Forget to Share!