How to use WhatsApp Chrome and its advantages


How to use WhatsApp Chrome and its advantages


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications today. This application was launched in September 2015, and now almost all smartphone users install WhatsApp on their devices. During this time you use WhatsApp on an Android device, but did you know that this chat application can also be accessed via a browser such as Chrome. How to? Here is how to use WhatsApp Chrome and some of its advantages.

Overview of WhatsApp

WhatsApp as an instant messaging application can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. In principle, WhatsApp is a service to send messages that are almost the same as SMS. However, WhatsApp has more complete and modern features compared to SMS. If text-based SMS is limited to a few characters at a time, this does not apply to WhatsApp.

Through WhatsApp, you can send messages in the form of text, images, videos, and other files to other users without being limited by the number of characters. If SMS requires regular credit to send messages, WhatsApp requires an internet connection. To register for WhatsApp, you need to include an active telephone number for the account verification process. The number stored in your contact will automatically become a friend on WhatsApp if they also register the number for the WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Feature

This online messaging application always undergoes regular updates. WhatsApp features also always change from time to time. And here are some WhatsApp features, namely:

1. Hide "Last Seen"

WhatsApp allows users to share information about the last time the user was active on WhatsApp. The "Last Seen" report sometimes makes someone not want to be known by other users. Therefore, users can hide this report, so other users do not know the last time you were active on WhatsApp.

To hide "Last Seen" , open the Settings menu - Account - Privacy - Select Last Seen - then there will be 3 choices namely Everybody, My contact, or Nobody. If you want to hide "Last Seen" then choose Nobody . It's easy, right?

2. Canceling or Deleting a Message

You might have sent the wrong message to your colleague. Before you have read and caused a misunderstanding, you can delete messages that have already been sent. The way is very easy, you just tap and hold the message you want to delete, until the delete option appears - select "Delete for Everyone". This way, WhatsApp users will not know the wrong message that you sent earlier.

3. Hiding "Reports Read"

Some of you may feel bad when opening messages from your colleagues, but haven't had a chance to reply yet. People who send messages think that you only read them and don't want to reply. This can lead to negative perceptions.

Well, you can remove the blue check or the read report, so that incoming messages that you have read, but have not yet replied to do not look like they have been read. As if the message was indeed unread. How: go to Settings - Account - Privacy - then uncheck the words "Read Reports" .

Actually, there are many WhatsApp features that you can use to make it easier to send messages. The next discussion, click Next Page

How to use WhatsApp Chrome

Besides being able to be accessed through applications installed on smartphones, WhatsApp can also be accessed through browsers, such as Chrome. This web version of WhatsApp can be accessed by visiting Then you will be directed to a page requesting a QR code scan for your WhatsApp account. Following are the steps to access WhatsApp Chrome.

1. Open Chrome and enter . Make sure the device you are using is connected to the internet.

2. Next, Chrome will display a QR code asking you to scan the WhatsApp account on the smartphone.

3. Open your WhatsApp application on the smartphone, then select WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code displayed by Chrome.

4. After scanning the QR code, wait for a while to load, then you will enter your account.

5. If you have entered into an account, you can communicate or send messages like using a smartphone.

Excellence of WhatsApp Chrome

There are several advantages that you can feel using this version of WhatsApp Chrome, including:

1. Able to display smartphone battery condition

Even if you use WhatsApp Chrome, you will get a notification on your smartphone's Chrome battery condition. Maybe, when you use the Chrome version of WhatsApp, you forget to check the battery condition because the focus is on Chrome.

No need to worry about the phone will die suddenly because it runs out of battery. Because when the smartphone shows the battery in a "low" condition , Chrome will display the condition of the smartphone battery in a weak state and needs to be charged. This means that even if you access the application through the web version, the smartphone must be in a state of life. Because if it's a smartphone, the WhatsApp connection in chrome will be disconnected.

2. Provides comfort for typing long messages

The web version of WhatsApp also gives comfort to people who want to send long messages. For example for work in the office. If you have to write a long message on your smartphone it will make your thumb tired to type. However, with WhatsApp Chrome you can type messages for someone more comfortably using 10 fingers.

3. Make it easier to send files on the computer

Sending work files usually does use email. However, many people choose to use WhatsApp to exchange files, which can be pictures, documents or videos. Files stored on a computer can be sent directly to WhatsApp users directly, without having to be moved to the smartphone first. This will certainly make your work to send messages more effective and efficient.

4. Helps improve work concentration

WhatsApp accessed via computer actually helps you to concentrate more while working. When you message comes in, you don't need to keep checking your smartphone. However, Chrome will automatically notify you that a message has entered your WhatsApp.

This notification can be a dialog box that appears on the monitor screen or it can also be a sound (depending on your Chrome settings). So you can quickly respond to these messages, without having to hold the smartphone at any time to reply to incoming messages. While working at the computer, you can occasionally answer incoming messages quickly.

5. The chat message will be saved

No need to worry, even if you use the web version of WhatsApp, chat messages that you did previously with a smartphone will still be there, as long as you haven't deleted them. Vice versa, the chat done via WhatsApp web will not be lost, if you have used the smartphone version of WhatsApp again.

Well, that's how to easily access WhatsApp Chrome . It's easy, right? WhatsApp desktop or web browser version is more effective in the office or related to work. Making it easier to communicate and exchange information quickly.