How to Restore Deleted Files in Android Smartphone


How to Restore Deleted Files in Android Smartphone

-  How to restore deleted photo files on Android without root. As humans, of course, we must do something with reflexes or accidentally, for example, sudden files press the delete button and cannot be returned. Maybe it makes us sad and frustrated because the deleted file is the only very important file, both documents, photos, videos, data, or other files.

You might be wondering, can you restore deleted files again? Until now, I have not been able to recover deleted files on the Android phone. So, you can be sure that the file can be returned or cannot be restored, depending on the file. If I become an expert in the Android field or a great android developer, of course I can restore files.

Overcoming this, my advice is better to use the Recycle Bin application. What is the Recycle Bin? In essence, if you delete data files, the Recycle Bin application will accommodate them before the file is permanently deleted. Just like a PC or laptop, the Recycle Bin application is also available.

Application to recover deleted data files

Dumpster is one of the best recycle bin applications for Android smartphones and tablets. This application can accommodate the files that you deliberately or accidentally, both photos, videos, documents, music, or other files. For example, if you have deleted a photo in the Android Gallery, the photo will not be permanently deleted, but it will enter the trash can app. So, if you want to restore the photo file, just enter the Dumpster application then return the photo file.

This application is compatible with all Android devices from Samsung, Oppo, Asus, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Advan, Smartfreen, HTC, LG, and other Android smartphone products. If interested, you can download the Dumpster application via Google Play for free.

Download dumpster via google play store

It is a review of applications that can recover deleted photo files, hopefully this review can make you more careful in using your smartphone so that carelessness does not occur, as removed or other small errors.