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How to Find Admin Log in With Termux Apps

Find Admin Log in With Termux Apps - SQL Injection is haphazard techniques by exploiting weaknesses in the database. SQL injected into a form that requires user input, such as guestbooks, comments, user login, admin login, etc. Usually the site admin will hide admin login page to avoid this attack could be termed bypass admin login.

And on this occasion we will share how to find the admin login page with termux. By using search tools, the tool is equipped with a very complete Wordlist. If you want you can add your own wordlist.

Type on Termux:

$ pkg update && upgrade
$ pkg install php
$ pkg install python
$ pkg install php
$ pkg install git
$ git clone  https://github.com/maurosoria/dirsearch.git

Wait for the installation to finish ... if it is already installed you type:

$ cd dirsearch
$ ls

The result is as shown below:

To use this tool you have to do is type:

$ python3 dirsearch.py ​​-u webtarget.com -e php

Not only access the admin login page but if the website is embedded backdoor Shell will usually be detected by search tools.

OK That's all the tutorials to find the admin login Termux search tools. Good luck.
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