The Most Drain Mobile Battery Application


The Most Drain Mobile Battery Application

It's no secret if some Android apps drain your battery. They continue to run in the background even if you don't use them. Not only batteries, they also have the ability to stream your data from the Internet.

Sometimes, if your phone is not strong enough, the application will overheat or overheat. Surely this makes you feel uncomfortable, right? You must charge the battery repeatedly.

In general, the biggest battery is a popular application. Do you think about the applications installed on your phone included or not? Look at the following ranking explanation made by Avast and AVG!

7 Most battery draining apps

1. Application Snapchat

The bad news for loyal users Snapchat. This social network is included in one of the best battery powered suction based survey application. This is because these applications have many filters and have to process the photos and videos. According to a report from XDA Developers Forum, some users claim that their batteries are much more durable after removing Snapchat.

What you can do is turn off when not in use application data. You can also turn on Snapchat Travel mode feature to avoid uploading photos and videos.

2. Tinder App

Tinder push your social activity, but it uses a lot of battery power on your cell phone. The reason is simple, Tinder always detects your location so you can find the one closest to your position.

To overcome this, you not only have to close the application. Turn off all notifications when not needed. This can reduce the power absorbed by Tinder.

3. Applications All News

An important news app to keep you updated. Unfortunately, this app can drain your battery. This is because they continue to share the news all the time, so that the phone must be constantly updated.

Fortunately this is easily remedied. You can change the access through the site. If you choose to access through the application, as before, turn it on when you want to open.

4. Facebook application

Social networks with the most users is also included in the list of the largest mobile phone battery suckers. It makes sense for Facebook contains a vast amount of content that deteriorate the performance of mobile, such as links, text, video and photos.

Recognizing this problem, Facebook launched a mini version of an application called Facebook Lite. Of course, there are some functions that can not be accessed through Facebook Lite, but this is better than your mobile phone, which is a waste batteries.

5. Samsung Apps Default

One of the problems found on phones with Android is the number of standard applications that are installed automatically, especially on the Samsung. You, the user Samsung, should be aware of this, right? You may not use it much, but it is still running in the background. The three main suspects are the Samsung Link, Samsung and WatchON transmission.

To overcome this, all you can do is turn it off. Go to Settings> Application manager> All and click the application. Turn off the Show notifications, click Delete Data and Disable.

6. TikTok  Applications

These applications often asked by children and adolescents to drain RAM, internet data and battery. Because you have to activate the camera and the internet simultaneously.

In addition, the number of videos to be uploaded as well cause. As before, what you have to do is turn it off when not in use.

7. Youtube & Streaming Video Applications

Almost all applications involving visual elements (Brightness) consumes a lot of battery. No exception is the transmission of video applications such as YouTube and his friends. All you can do is set up your phone's brightness to the lowest, and headphones with bluetooth.

Another alternative to handle the phone battery is used faster is to install the battery optimization application. For example, Greenify, Avast Battery Saver, DU Battery Saver and others. And that's an article about the application of the most depleted battery handpone. May be useful.