Ads on Facebook Prohibited by Adsense?


Ads on Facebook Prohibited by Adsense?


Lately, there are many ways to make money with Adsense using FB Ads weapons. Whether it's sharing a voluntary or paid in the form of tutorial courses ebooks / video. Adsense (Google Adsense) to bloggers is a source of revenue earned by displaying Google Adsense ads on their blogs.

For each blog visitors who click on ads, bloggers receive varying amounts of money. When a blogger creates a blog and posting Google Adsense ads, they will not receive the money without a visitor clicks on an ad. That is, they should be visited.

Well, FB ads is one way to get traffic to the blog. FB ads or advertising on Facebook of course requires money we should spend. In essence, your Adsense income must be greater than the advertising costs incurred by FB ads. New bloggers will benefit. Instead, the blogger will incur a loss if the cost is greater than the FB ad Adsense revenue.

Principles of FB Advertising for Adsense

In fact, this kind of principle applies not only to rent FB. You can also use Google Adwords. After Adwords for Adsense. Or with other ad market. The principle is the same, bloggers benefit from the difference between revenue and advertising costs incurred. If the cost of advertising is greater than income, it is gone. Simple as that!

Can FB Ads for AdSense?

There are pros and cons about Adsense playing this way. Some say this is forbidden by Google, are prone to be blocked and so on. However, some say this is a legitimate method. To answer this, please see the case study below.

There is a case study of web sites that sell goods online and advertising with Adwords. Interestingly, the site also displays Adsense ads. The hope is that when visitors come from Adwords (which means that the balance has been reduced AdWords ads), but visitors do not make a purchase, there is the possibility that visitors will click on an Adsense ad on that website. Finally, the minimum cost is borne by the Adwords ads Adsense revenue. Series. In other words, the free advertising!

Focus on building a blog

Personally, we believe that FB advertisements can be made in the framework of coaching blogs or web pages. What is the point?

This FB ad is just a source of traffic. On the right This means there are many other sources of traffic. If we look at the Google Analytics panel (a tool for observing blog traffic), we can find that apart from FB (social network traffic), there is still organic traffic (search engine traffic), there is referenced traffic (traffic from websites other), there is e-mail traffic (customer traffic) and there is direct traffic (visitors who directly type the blog URL in the browser).

In order to build a long-term blog, we should try to attract traffic from all directions (traffic sources mentioned above) and not just advertising FB. We suggest that before deciding to conduct advertising campaigns with FB, we have important things set up so that the campaign we did generate a multiplier effect. In a sense multiplier, FB announcements we make will also be organic, referenced, email and drive direct traffic.

FB Facebook Ads we are doing to create a multiplier traffic, first and foremost thing we should note is the quality of the content. Yes, right. You have to make good, quality, and useful articles prior to executing FB Ad campaigns. If you believe in the quality of the article, you have just started the campaign with ads via FB fanpage you have created.

Why should a quality article?

Remember that our main goal is to blog for long term profit.
When our articles are distributed using FB Ads and readers benefit, what they do is:

1. Subscribe to your blog articles (generate email traffic)

2. Willing to recommend your article link on your blog (get referral traffic)

3. When you place the article link You are on your blog, that means you also get free backlinks (in the future you get organic traffic)

4. Go back to your blog and note the name of your blog (which generates direct traffic)

So, in terms of blog creation, FB Ads can control all lines of traffic sources. Our concern is that many bloggers are stuck with making money instantly. Calculate the short term income difference between Adsense revenue and FB Ads advertising costs.

And finally, playing FB Ads to Adsense with Copas article capital, less useful content or even hoax news.

We have no intention of criticizing or even jealous of the perpetrators or sellers of the FB Ads to Adsense course. Our hope is that these notes will be of use to the good and the future of Indonesian publishers.