How to Change Android ID Changer 2020


How to Change Android ID Changer 2020 - Each smartphone is equipped with a unique ID number that varies from smartphone to smartphone. This ID number is used as the identity of each departing. The ID number listed on the smartphone is the legal number that the smartphone manufacturer defaults to as a system security. If certain things happen on a smartphone, you can use that ID number to solve the problem that occurs. For example, you lose your smartphone, then you can track the position of the smartphone with your device ID number.

This factory default version of the smartphone is limited in its use. You cannot commit fraud if the smartphone you have still uses the factory ID. This then makes some people who feel restricted from downloading and accessing certain applications that are actually not allowed by the factory, looking for ways to change the smartphone ID in various ways, Well, if you are also looking for that method, here is a review of the Android ID Changer application that you can do. Use.

Device ID Changer Pro as Android ID Changer

For those of you who are looking for an application to change the ID number of your smartphone device for certain purposes, you can use Device ID Changer Pro. No need to be confused anymore about changing your smartphone ID. Now you can download this application to help change the original factory android identity starting from the IMEI number, Android ID, other ID numbers found on the smartphone.

By using this application, you can manually change the Android ID you according to your specific needs. Android app ID Charger can run on all Android versions, both Lollipop, Marshmallow, to nougat which has roots. To change your ID android with this application, the following are the steps:

1. You can download an application that is very good, the "Device ID Changer Pro" on your smartphone. Link Download Here

2. Next, perform a backup of the data contained on the device. This application can cause you to lose some data if you're not the first backup.

3. Then open the tool xposed Framework and activate the device ID Changer modules.

4. Open Tool Changer Pro application and change the numbers randomly. Then click "Save". Then re-open the tool xposed Framework.

5. Then click "Reboot or soft Reboot". Then your device will restart automatically. Wait for the process to a complete restart.

6. Now the ID number has been changed and is not appropriate after the plant again.

7. Done. The process of converting the Android ID has been completed. You can use smartphones for a variety of needs that are not allowed by the device manufacturer.

What do you get after changing your Android ID?

After you have a new Andorid ID on your smartphone, you can register certain applications or accounts. Especially accounts that require an Android ID as a requirement. This means that by having a new Android ID, you can register 2 accounts in 1 particular application, which the application actually doesn't allow.

Is there a risk that occurs after using Android ID Changer?

Of course you are. Changing the official identity made by the manufacturer is an act of fraud. Actually, ID owned by each smartphone can not be changed. This means that the plant has been officially assigned ID for all smartphones issued with a unique number.

Just as the number of police assigned to each vehicle. Android ID is also the owner's identity can not be changed unilaterally. If you are not careful in using it, then you will have to accept the consequences of your own actions.

Please note that one of the requirements for changing Android IDi.e. exterminating device. In addition to being helpful to you, the root also poses a dangerous risk for your device. This means that when you use an application to turn your Android ID, you can run into some bad risk, such as your account is suddenly prohibited.

Smartphone Danger Rooted

Here are some of the dangers if you are rooted smartphone, including:

1) Lost Warranty

A rooted smartphone manufacturers will lose the guarantee facility. So that when the smartphone you have problems or damage, the plant will not provide warranty service, although you really have this guarantee facility. Loss? You will have to spend a lot of money to repair the defective device.

Even if you say bring your smartphone does not take root. However, it is where the services know whether the smartphone is rooted or not. So, do not ever lie to get a guarantee facility when repairing the damaged root smartphone.

2) Problems in System Update

The advantage of rooting is that you have the power to remove bloatware applications or purposely-grown plant on your device. Actually, this bloatware has the objective to keep the device safe from unauthorized application or website that can disrupt the system devices.

Unfortunately, some users were bothered by the factory default application. Applications mill restrict users from downloading specific applications they want, but the device refused. Therefore, many end up rooting their smartphones to remove bloatware so that they can download the applications they want.

However, what you do root create new problems for an OS update. When you update the operating system, the device is always rejected. Even when several applications asking to be updated, the update process will fail.

3) Have a Security Gap

The next danger is the emergence of rooting Android device security loopholes. This makes it vulnerable to the virus or malware attack the system through the downloaded application. When you eradicate your smartphone, it means that you allow outside devices to enter your system. This has led to the emergence of security holes that are susceptible to virus infection or hacker attacks. If you do not want to lose your data to hackers, think back to when you want to root.

4) brick Hazard

Last danger of rooting bricks problems or system crashes. Although some offer a powerful application for rooting. However, the rooting process is not 100% successful, especially if it is done by a novice. If you take a wrong step in rooting, the new risk is damage to the system known as Softbrick and Hardbrick.

Softbrick minor damage due to root. This damage can still be resolved, the device can be activated again, but only up to the logo of the device. While Hardbrick is severe damage to the overall system attacks. If a device has hardbrick, it is certain that the device can not be turned on again. This smartphone can be fixed.

So, think back to when you want to root and change the Android ID. Each action you take with your smartphone has its own positive and negative consequences. This is a review of the Android ID Changer and benefits and impacts.