How to Hacking Bitcoin and How to Secure


How to Hacking Bitcoin and How to Secure


Bitcoin is a digital asset that began to develop in 2009. In analogy, bitcoin's digital assets such as gold. The difference, if gold can be available physically, while bitcoin available digitally. Because it is related to the digital world, bitcoin is often the target of hackers. Activities hacking bitcoin bitcoin known as hacking. What bitcoin hack like? See explanation below!

Features Bitcoin

Here are some features of bitcoin that you should know:

1. Instant Transfer (peer to peer)

Running Bitcoin peer to peer without a central server. Bitcoin storage server is decentralized and distributed or distributed to various servers. Then it will be run by users who have connected to the network.

2. Anywhere transfer

Bitcoin allows you to transfer money quickly and easily. You can send money anywhere and anytime as long as you have a smartphone and an Internet connection.

3. Irreversible

Bitcoin transaction transaction irreversible, which means that the transaction has been transferred can not be undone. After Bitcoins have been sent to other users, the transaction can not be returned, unless the recipient sends back Bitcoins. Bitcoin also provides features anonymous transactions. This means that you can make transactions without having to provide information about your identity. This will preserve the identity privacy

4. Do not be controlled by a government agency 

Please note that bitcoin is not controlled by the government or a particular institution. Bitcoin uses Blockchain database open so that the institution or the transaction can not be false through certain Blockchain. All transactions are carried out transparently and recorded. Those who would like bitcoin false data, which means they have to hack millions of bitcoin servers simultaneously.

Hacking Bitcoin 

Can bitcoins be hacked? Even though it is safe, because it is not controlled by any particular institution, it is possible that bitcoins could be hacked by people who want to make a profit. Bitcoin data is not stored by institutions or governments, so all data is stored on your own computer.

How can bitcoins be hacked? Bitcoin can be hacked if someone accidentally inserts a virus on your device. The virus will paralyze the computer or smartphone you are using. This will make bitcoin data stored on your computer or bitcoin wallet lost.

There have been several cases of bitcoin hacking that have occurred in recent years, including:

Bitcoins can be hacked? Although it is safe, because it is not controlled by any particular institution, it is possible that Bitcoins can be hacked by people who want to make profits. Bitcoin data is not stored by the institution or the government, so that all data is stored on your own computer.

How can Bitcoins hacked? Bitcoin can be hacked if someone accidentally insert a virus on your device. Virus will cripple your computer or smartphone you use. This will make bitcoin data stored on your computer or bitcoin wallet is lost.

There are some bitcoin hacking cases that have occurred in recent years, including:

1. Bitcoinica
In March 2012, Bitcoinica lost most of the coins to hackers. Two months later, Bitcoinica hacked again and now the company is shutting down the site. Bitcoinica said it will pay users for the previous ownership.

2. Mount GOX
In 2014, there were bitcoin hacking at Mt GOX which is Japan's largest based bitcoin market. Mt GOX has processed about 80% of the global total for currency transactions. Hacker attacks led to the theft of about $ 460 million in less than one year. Mt GOX himself claimed that there were about 150,000 hacker attack every second.

3. Bitstamp
Bitstamp is a Swedish-based bitcoin exchange that processes at least 6% of bitcoin transactions. In early January 2015, it turns out that the theft was approximately $ 5.1 million. This causes Bitstamp to temporarily shut down the service.

How do you secure Bitcoin from hackers?

1. Using Cold Storage
cold storage online storage means for securing the bitcoin, although bitcoin own work online. You can save your key personal Bitcoin in hardware offline. There are two types of specialized hardware used to secure Bitcoin wallet, that Ledger and Trezor. This service serves to allow you to access the web and provide security wallet cold storage.

2. Share transactions in multiple Exchange
Many cases of violation bitcoin caused by a breach in the security system of the Exchange. To anticipate this risk, it is advisable not to do a great deal in one go. Dividing your Bitcoin transaction smaller transactions. Using more than one Exchange.

The goal is that when one of your exchange attacked by hackers, others Bitcoin is still safely stored on another Exchange.

3. Use bidirectional authentication
For safety, use a two-way authentication involving some other form of verification. For example, a Bitcoin wallet can only be accessed with a login code and password sent to your phone. This will certainly make it difficult for hackers to break into bitcoin wallet, because the entry is sent to your phone number. It can also monitor the security of your bitcoin wallet, because when you do not feel like entering a password, but you get a verification notice the login password, it means that the hacker wants to get into your bitcoin.

4. Create a strong password
Do not use a password in the form of name and birthday which made it easier for others to randomize passwords and break into your Bitcoins. Use a password that is unique and unpredictable. You can create a password with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols or punctuation.

Makes about 16 character password to create a password that is more powerful and harder for hackers to attack. Strong passwords are very difficult to hack. Do not forget to remember and write down your password, then store them in a safe place, so you do not forget it.

5. Double check that the destination address clear
If you want to make transactions to other users, check the destination address again carefully. Make no mistake that you went to the address bitcoin another person who is not a real goal. Remember that transactions conducted in Bitcoin irreversible. So if the destination address is wrong, you send bitcoin assets will go to the wrong person and can not be withdrawn again. Unless he wants to return the money bitcoin for you again.

Why do so many people use Bitcoin?

Despite the possibility of being hacked, in fact many people still use bitcoin and even new users buying Bitcoins. Bitcoin was created with the background of unstable financial conditions. This was triggered by the government were negligent in maintaining economic stability. The government is controlled by the party conducting acts of corruption, thus making a chaotic financial conditions.

This eventually led to the idea of ​​an IT expert to love something that can stabilize the economy without the intervention of the institution or the government. Finally, Bitcoin was created as a place to invest their assets securely. Unstable economic phenomenon, ultimately encouraging people to stabilize their financial condition by investing in bitcoin.

Those are some things about hacking bitcoin and how Protect your bitcoin wallet to keep safe and avoid hacker activities.