Pros and Cons of Private Instagram Accounts


Pros and Cons of Private Instagram Accounts


Millennials will definitely not be far from social media, especially Instagram. Surely many of you are now using Instagram. There may even be some of you who make Instagram a priority to fill your days, because there are many benefits of Instagram.

Some use Instagram as a medium for selling and making profits. As a medium for more popularity such as celebrities, and some are only used as entertainment media. The benefits you can get from Instagram are in accordance with your main goal of social media. But remember! don't abuse Instagram for things that are not good.

Many think that a private Instagram account is more useful, some consider the opposite. Before you make your choice, we will provide an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a private Instagram account that you should know.

Pros of a private Instagram account 

There are many reasons why someone chooses to lock their Instagram account, starting from security and convenience reasons.

The advantages of personal Instagram account

There are many reasons why someone would choose to lock their Instagram account, ranging from security and comfort reasons.

1. Protecting Information and Privacy

Some people do not want to be bothered by the cost or strangers. 'Sinstagram' false alias account that displays indecent photos can be remedied by changing Instagram to private.

2. Protection From Harassment

Harassment can happen anywhere, including in social media like Instagram. In IG You are free to express upload a photo that you like but there are accounts that could write words that are inappropriate in your account. Therefore, changes to private can make it easier to express your creativity without fear of negative comments.

3. Avoiding Work Theft

Sometimes there are people who like to pluck their work and re-upload it without giving credit to the original owner. This is of course very annoying, especially if the job you upload is not easy to get. At least, other people can get permission by sending direct messages via message (DM).

4. To maintain privacy

Instagram stories are things they upload in everyday life. If you are not comfortable with strangers seeing it, you can change it to a private account.

5. The safety factor

Personal account of the safety factor will be more secure than the public accounts. Because maybe a lot of people will take photos or videos without your permission that you upload for abuse. Because if your account is private, only people who befriend you can see the content of the post.

Private shortage Instagram Account

1. Difficult to Get Followers and Likes

If your account is private, it would be difficult to get Likes from the public accounts. Because if you have a personal account, only friends can like your post. Meanwhile, if the public, anyone can like the photos that you post

2. It is difficult to Participate in Events

If your account is private, it will be very difficult to take part in the event (a quiz or competition) in Instagram. Usually, the event organizer will immediately disqualify a personal account. The reason is quite simple, usually the event organizer will make the challenge of getting the prize with the "share" if you are a personal account of how they will know if you have been following the challenge.

3. Hard to Promote

When creating a personal account promotions can only be seen by those who are already friends. other people can not see the promotion of your post. It's a different story if you sell adult products, it is better to be personal to sift the followers who want to be friends with you.

4. Only People Who Want to Become Friends

Usually only people who want to be friends who want to follow your friends will follow the personal account. People who just want the wallpaper would be more likely to choose to create an account that is active publishers

5. Unable to Show Off

Instagram deliberately created to show off something you post. If the personal account, you can show off to all Instagram users, only for those who are already friends.

Thus articles Strengths and Weaknesses Private Instagram Account. Each of personal accounts and public does have a negative side and a positive depends on your main goals. So, it is always wise social media.