5 App Does Not Need to be installed on Android


5 App Does Not Need to be installed on Android


Blogmagz.com - Many applications are available on the Play Store for Android devices. And in fact there are many applications that do not need to be installed on Android, not all applications benefit or even useful, because they actually make smartphones slow. Unfortunately, most people with less information as to pay for the bad functioning of this application. Not infrequently the application is installed, and just make the memory capacity is full.

So, what are the applications that don't need to be installed on Android that don't actually need to be installed on your device? Here is a list to quickly remove these less useful applications.

Applications that do not need to be installed on Android

1. Applications Antivirus

Antivirus is not important applications to be installed on our smartphones. If you are a user of Android or iOS, basically a security system already available on the OS without the need to download and install the application again.

Even within a given time, will receive a security patch updates along with the OTA update. Thus, the security system on this smartphone to be kept up-to-date and safe from virus attacks.

However, we must continue to use our compilation using smartphones. Do not let time we surf the Internet, we open the link from the source of invalid and dangerous. Because normally malware and viruses have been compromised

2. Application RAM Cleaner 

Applications such as clean or RAM Cleaner Increase application is not important for you to install one. In particular, users install this application to improve performance. Although not required, the majority of smartphones that have the latest features and increased RAM

This application is only releasing applications running in the background that are typically added to the RAM capacity. And usually, this is only part of the running applications that will address user activity.

For example, such as a chat application, which would have the effect did not show a response message. When cleaning use features like clean only create cache files that are not large in size.

certain applications also will replace a large application files or applications, while application files that are important to users. If we are not careful, we can even keep important applications or files.

3. Battery Saver

Want your smartphone into a more efficient battery with a battery saver app? We borrowed that you do not need to install this application because it is less useful. This feature is already present in all of your smartphone.

These applications typically store the battery in a way, adjust the screen, this application also install applications that run in the background, managing mobile data, turn the sound vibrate or silent profile, and so on.

4. News Curator Applications

You also need to remove the application from your smartphone news curator. Because this application will only charge the smartphone with the news that is not necessarily read.

If you want to find important news, you can search on Google with a keyword search news. If you want advice news, you can check them in several applications browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera and others.

Because now all applications the browser will display suggestions on its front page. Customized browser with custom key word search in the browser.

Although we could do this alone. Now there is a Power Saver Mode on certain smartphones, which will enable you compile the batteries are running out.

5. Application File Manager

Need a file manager application to manage files on your smartphone? You do not need to download and install the application less useful like this. Because the file manager feature in all our smartphones.

Only applications offer more than just managing files, such as file transfer, for example. With this kind of feature, you can transfer data quickly using P2P networks and Bluetooth connections without having to use the internet.

Those are applications that don't need to be installed on Android. You have to think again when compiling to install them on your smartphone. Don't let these types of apps slow down your phone and fill up your memory, whose function doesn't matter at all.