5 Tips Charging Android Get Fully Quickly


5 Tips Charging Android Get Fully Quickly


If you have a smartphone, of course you also have to know how to take care of the Smartphone. Every Smartphone should have a different battery. If used continuously, of course, the battery will run out. Charging or charging mobile phone is good, you should definitely pay attention to the procedure so that you keep the phone battery in a healthy condition so that the battery does not drop and of course the battery is also one of the important components of a smartphone.

With the development of technology, the manufacturer has developed a fast charging feature on mobile phones today. Quick charging is becoming popular, competing manufacturers to embed these features on their phones. ChargingIt indispensable fast on smartphones for increasing the voltage for charging batteries, so charging or charger is much faster, but not all phones get this feature.

If you do not get this feature, you can follow the tips How to Charge Your Android so that it Fully Charge and you also need to know about charging your phone correctly so that the battery can last longer.

5 Ways to Charge Full Android so Fast

1. Never Charge While use

Many of us like to use our cell phone while it is charging. If this habit continues, it could make a quick phone battery is damaged. Not only that, this practice also makes the battery takes a long time to charge. So the battery does not charge fast, it is advisable not to use it while charging the battery.

2. It is not advisable to charge the USB port.

There are also some people who like to charge their mobile phones via the computer's USB port. Please note, if you charge via USB port it will definitely take longer to complete. So that your phone battery is fully charge quickly, it is recommended to charge the battery by using the charger is
connected directly to the electrical terminals.

3. Using the Built-in Original Cable.

Android will keep the battery fully charge, you should use the original charger cable or the original, because the original charging cable will supply power faster. Tips for you, the cost of cable should not be folded or rolled up. This will damage the cable. If any part of the damaged cables can cause the battery charging obstacles.

4. Charge and Turn on Airplane Mode.

Airplane mode feature on smartphones will stop the data network. This means that it will make your cell phone take a short break for the cause of the increase in energy consumption is an internet connection. Therefore, if you want to quickly be filled, it is better not to use the phone while charging.

5. Turn off the Smartphone.

This method is probably the most powerful way. If you have a lot of time not in a hurry, trying to charge the phone when it is turned off. We can assure you that the battery will be fully charge even faster. When the phone is turned off, the application on your phone is not running. battery is charge more quickly, because it is not used at all.

So True Tips for Charging Battery Lasts

1. Do not Fill Up Battery LOW 0%

A good way to charge your phone when the phone is not fully used. That is, when the battery is still about 30% to 40%, if the battery has shown that the number, it's time to charge the battery Smartphone.

So .. You do not need to wait until the battery is depleted, the alias of 0%. If you do this often, it will lead to reduced battery life and durability. Minimum fill about 20%. If you frequently charge the battery at 15%, it means that it is not good to keep long-lasting battery.

2. Reduce using the Power Bank

Using the Power Bank on your cellphone to charge doesn't hurt. However, it would be nice not to use it too often, and use it when you are pressed, such as on trips where there is no power outlet.

If your cellphone continuously uses a power bank it will cause the cellphone battery life to decrease. It could even make a phone you had a drop due to the use of battery power bank fake

That article Tips Charging Android Get Fully Quickly. Do the methods and tips above to make the battery fully charge quickly while making your battery last.