7 Benefits of Google Accounts On Android


7 Benefits of Google Accounts On Android


Blogmagz.com - Benefits of Google Accounts On Android. Gmail is Google's email service. Gmail account can be owned by anyone. Even now, all Android phone users must have a Gmail account to integrate features into the phone. Gmail accounts can be linked to other Google features, such as Google Drive, Google Chrome, Play Store, YouTube and more.

So how important is a Google account on your Android? Let's discuss in the following review:

You often forget that our Google Account can save a lot of contacts. If you use your phone, you can only register a few hundred contacts or a certain maximum. But in this Google account, we can store thousands of contacts, even hundreds of thousands, even indefinitely. And this contact is not lost when we move from one device to another, such as Android.

1. Social Media Accounts and Media Messages

Of course, we must know social media. Accounts social media is Facebook. We can connect to Facebook if we have a Google Account. So is the media like WhatsApp messages. Although WhatsApp only use your phone number to log in, they use a Google Account to backup data.

2. Online Game Account

For example, if you have the game COC (remember the trend of the first game). All games COC knows that this account can not be run without a Google Account. What happens often when we have an account COC which already have a solid defense as TH9 and we start from the beginning to the end or until hard and fault phone us suddenly and must be formatted (re-flash), then all the data on your Android phone will missing.

But if we remember the password and the name of your Google Account, a game that we launch will be refunded automatically. And there are many online games that utilize Google Account.

3. Data Storage Media

If Android you do not want to lose data such as photos, songs or other important data, you should store them in Google Drive. On an Android phone, there is usually a Google Drive app. To enter, you must have a Google Account. We can store various types of files to Google Drive using a Google Account. If you lose the data on your phone, like not removed, errors or device is replaced, but if we have stored in Google Drive, the data will still be there.

4. Can Download Apps on Playstore

Yes, it seems trivial. But imagine if we have an Android-based phone and we could not download the app in the Play Store, it is not perfect. When we already have a Google account installed on Android we, when we open the Play Store, we are free to choose a free app and games and download them. If we are not using a Google Account, it can not be downloaded.

5. Overcoming pattern or password Forgotten

When we forget the pattern or password on the Android us, we can use your Google account name and password to unlock it.

6. Block and Search for lost Android

When you lose your phone, you just need to log in to Google Chrome or any browser and then go to the site Myfind device with a Google account. If you want to track the whereabouts of your phone is lost then you want to lock your phone or also delete all your data, simply open the device manager and the system will automatically track the whereabouts of your phone gets lost and you can lock your phone and delete important data. on it remotely.

7. Global media for Android

Of course, this is a Google account to life on Android. Without a Google account, Android can be compared with a suspended animation because it is not this or that. You can only send SMS, calls and listen to music or watch a video that has previously been downloaded to the phone. It can not be used for other purposes such as navigation and others.

So many articles about the benefits of the importance of your Google account on Android. Actually there are many more due to the advantage of your Google account is one account for all.