How to Repel Rats With Android Phone


How to Repel Rats With Android Phone

Magelang1337 - Android application to get rid of the rats that roam the house. The mouse is one animal that looks dirty, disorder, and bring the source of the disease. For example, rice in paddy fields, farmers must goldfish when planted rice eaten by rats. Consequently, the results of which would be decreased. Regardless of the field, the mice also often hung in homes and sewers.

Inside the house, the mice also often disturbing, sometimes bringing garbage into the house and make nests in the house. On the other hand, sometimes the rat was gnawing clothes until they had holes in them. If this really happens in your home, you have to be very angry.

If we use a rat or mouse poison traps it would be too complicated. The most effective solution is to use the Android smartphone to repel mice. Way? It's easy, we just need to create the sound of an Android smartphone that is intended to make mice run away by the sound.

You'll need a third-party application to do this. Some applications rat repellents that you can try include Anti Mouse Pro, Ultrasonic Sound, Sonar Anti-Mouse, Rat Repeller, and others. For example, this time I'll give you a tutorial to get rid of rats in the house with Anti Mouse Pro app. Check out the brief explanation below.

How to get rid of rats with Anti Mouse Pro app

Anti Mouse Pro is a android application that serves to repel mice that likes to hang around in the house. This application can emit ultrasonic waves that are disliked by mice. These waves can make mice hearing impaired or even damaged. And indirectly, the mice will move and stay away from your home. In essence, the mice are not comfortable with the sound. But calm, the waves generated are not harmful to humans.

  • The first step, download the Anti Rat Pro application through the Google Play Store. Click the following link to download: Download Anti Rat Via Google Play Store
  • Next, open the application and directly you can select the frequency level of the wave according to your wishes.
  • Run for a few minutes until the rats in your house all run away. You can see whether the mice run away or not.
  • Congrats !you have successfully used the Anti Rat Pro application to get rid of house mice.

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Regardless of the Anti Mouse Pro app, you can also use another application to drive away rats or mosquitoes in your house. Check out some rat repellent app that I recommend below.
  1. Rat Repeller is the most effective rat repellent application and the most powerful in the world. With this application, rats who are hiding will come out and leave your house. The resulting wave frequency disturbed the mouse's hearing. Interested in trying, download the free Rat Repeller application via the Google Play Store.
  2. Ultrasonic Sounds is an application that can emit ultrasonic wave sound which of course can make mice or mosquitoes not like it. You can run the wave as long as possible by activating Circle mode. Want to try, download via the Google Play Store.
  3. Anti-Rat Sonar is the only electronic animal poison that is backed by more than 10 years of laboratory research and proven field results. The sound waves produced have been proven to be able to keep mice and mosquitoes away from your home. Be careful when using this application, too high a frequency can also affect pets such as cats and dogs.
With the rat repellent application, at least there will be no more distractions rats roaming your house. Even if there are rats running around, plug them with rat poison and rat traps.

Thus a brief review of the Tutorial on How to Get Rid of Mice Using Phone Android, hopefully can be helpful and useful.