5 Ways To Transfer Data From Android To A Computer


5 Ways To Transfer Data From Android To A Computer


Blogmagz.com - Tips on How to Transfer Data From an Android phone to a computer or laptop. Android smartphone is a communications technology which is currently growing very rapidly. In just a few months, the innovation of smartphones and smartphones continue to compete. Every smartphone manufacturer wants to present the latest features that can spoil their customers.

As new Android users, or perhaps you are new to using a smartphone, of course you have to understand the basics of smartphone you have. You need to know that Android smartphones are not only used for phone calls and SMS, but you can also use it for browsing, chatting, streaming, and so on.

Not only that, Android smartphone also features a file transfer, either from smartphone to smartphone or Android smartphone. Do not worry about missing files, because every android equipped with backup features which of course you can use to create a backup file with the intention that if you lose your files can restore them later.

How to Transfer Files From Android Phone to Computer?

To move or transfer the data files from an Android phone to a computer is very easy for you to do. The data files that you want to send can range from photos, videos, music, documents, applications, and others. How to transfer or move the file may vary. For more details, please refer to the following method.

1. Use a Card Reader

What Card Reader? As the name suggests Card Reader can be interpreted as a memory card reader. You can buy a card reader on a nearby counter or Android Store. To use the card reader, remove the external memory of your Android and plug it into the card reader slot. Then plug the USB port into the USB slot on your computer or laptop. Wait until your memory is read by your computer system. That way you can move, transfer, from phone to computer or vice versa.

2. Use Bluetooth Features

Bluetooth is a file transfer feature on the Android smartphone and a computer. You turn on your computer Android Bluetooth and Bluetooth. Then transfer the same as you transfer to your friends. Make sure your cell phone is no more than 9 meters. By the way, not all computers have Bluetooth features. So if you activate Bluetooth Android when your computer does not have Bluetooth features, the result will fail until the end of the world.

3. Use Data Cable

The data cable is the link between a smartphone and a charger or between a smartphone and a computer. You can also use the data cable as a means of data transfer. Connect your smartphone to your computer using a data cable, wait until the installation is completed device. Then you can select the option on your Android smartphone from the Insert the SD Card, Camera (PTP), or Media Device (MTP). Send files you want directly to the SD card by selecting the optional "Insert the SD Card".

4. Upload to Dropbox or Google Drive

Apart from the three methods above, you can also take advantage of online services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to transfer data. Previously you must create an account and then you upload the file (data) to the internet through your Android Smartphone. Then you open the Internet through your computer and sign in to your Dropbox account as you previously uploaded file. Downloading files online.

5. Upload to Email

Besides dropbox, you can also use e-mail, for example, you send a file from one email to another. You can upload and send files via email and open them on your computer. This method is quite effective if your friend is in a very remote location.

Just Share:

  • If you intend to transfer photos from your computer to Android, make sure the file is not too big and your Android phone is able to open it. If the image size is too large, you can shrink it first using the Photoshop application or something similar.
  • For video files, make sure you send files that can be opened on an Android smartphone. Not all video files can be opened on Android, only certain files such as MP4, MKV, FLV, and 3GP. If the file doesn't match, you can convert it first with the convert application. You can search directly through the Google search engine.
  • Be careful when moving files, don't let any viruses follow. Make sure you also install a reliable anti virus on your Android smartphone.

It's a quick review of how to transfer files from an Android phone to a computer or laptop easily and quickly, hopefully can be helpful and useful. Thanks and good luck !!