7 Ways to Eliminate Virus Shortcut on flashdisk easily and quickly


7 Ways to Eliminate Virus Shortcut on flashdisk easily and quickly


- Remove Virus Shortcut on Laptop and flash. The virus has become the biggest threat to the system devices such as computers and smartphones. One of the biggest threats to computers when infected with a virus feared to remove or destroy important data that we have.

Shortcut virus is a virus that is disruptive and damaging the data on storage media such as flash or Memory Card. One is very easily spread virus on the computer.

With only one plug, all changed data into the Shortcuts and difficult to open. For ordinary people, they have to feel confused in managing Virus Shortcut in flash. Data or files you have saved in flash is, of course, very important for your life, especially for work in the office.

In general, Shortcut Virus infected files because they are often used on one computer to another, or from a laptop of a friend to another friend, as a result, there are viruses that enter your own flash disk.

Remove Virus Shortcut in flash and Laptops

Removing Shortcut virus is arguably easy - easy and difficult. Linux-based operating systems are usually easier to read all the files flash, and even if you want you can remove shortcut virus using LINUX is very easy and fast.

All hidden files will appear on LINUX system and you can choose to remove the virus. But if you do not use the Linux operating system, you can try to remove it via your computer or laptop Windows system. For more details, see the steps below.
  1.  The first step, you plug your Flashdisk into the Computer or Laptop Port that you have.
  2. Then click "Organize" then click "Folder And Search Options". Enable "Show Hidden Files, Folders, And Drives" then unchecklist "Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)" . If a notification message appears, just click "Yes".
  3. Well, then all the data hidden or hidden in the flash will appear. This is only sem-hidden. So maybe not all data can appear and it can't be back to normal yet.
  4. Enter the Windows Command Prompt . Click Start » Run » Type CMD, then press Enter. To enter Flahdisk you first see the location of your Flashdisk. If it is on G then you just have to type "G:" , ( without the quotes ) then press enter.
  5. Next, type attrib -s -r -h / s / d in CMD, then press enter. With this command, you can see hidden or virus- infected folder data . If you see data or files that are a little strange, you can delete them immediately.
  6. In essence, with the above method, you can show and delete all hidden data and virus shortcuts as you wish, but this is only temporary. If you plug the flash into the computer, chances are that the Shortcut Virus will reappear.
  7. Done.

Removing Shortcut Virus With Antivirus

The above method does not require any additional software or anti-virus, but for better results, of course, you have to protect your laptop with Best Antivirus Software like AVG or Avira.

Like antivirus can certainly protect a danger of the virus, cracking, hacking or malware that can damage your laptop files and systems.

AVG Antivirus is one that I can recommend to you. With AVG, laptop or computer will be well protected. Especially if you want to update to Pro Level, of the protection will be much better and special. For example, you can remove the virus in flash by following the steps below.
  1. First, open AVG Antivirus which you have installed on your Personal Computer or Laptop.
  2. To perform a scanning on the Flashdisk , you can click "Options" on the AVG options menu. Then click "Scan Selected Folders", then check the location of your Flashdisk and start scanning for viruses that are on your Flashdisk.
  3. If the virus is seen, then you can immediately delete it with Antivirus
  4. Done.

With a tutorial on how to get rid of the virus shortcut above, hopefully this can be useful for those of you who want to clean your laptop and computer from virus threats worse.

Thus, a brief review of How Clean Shortcut Virus on Laptops and Flash Drives hopefully can be helpful and useful.