6 Best Android Picture Coloring Apps For Kids


6 Best Android Picture Coloring Apps For Kids


Blogmagz.com - List of application coloring pictures of children for Android smartphones and tablets. Android smartphones or tablets are not only for adults, but small children can also use it as a medium for fun and fun learning. But, of course, there must be supervision of parents. As parents, of course, we must understand in choosing an application for use by small children.

Smartphones can be a good and suitable learning assistance for children. The reason is that the smartphone, growth and development of children is also faster because it seems more exciting and more fun than other media. One of the simplest examples is drawing.

In general, small children are mostly interesting paper media with the help of stationery such as pencils, erasers, color pencils, brushes, and others. But I thought it was very troublesome and was quite wasteful. Why? Because once the paper runs out, you have to buy a new one.

Now, with smartphone media, small children can be assisted in developing creativity, especially in drawing. The Google Play Store provides many specific applications for children such as drawing, learning to be calculated, learning to memorize and others.

List of coloring drawing applications for small children

On this occasion I will share about the list of the best Android coloring applications for children. I took the application that I reviewed directly from the Google Play Store, which most Android users installed and used. The following application can be the best way to increase the growth and development of children, especially in terms of coloring images. Check more reviews below.

1. PicsArt Kids - Learn to Draw

The first image application for kids is called kids picsart - learn to draw. With the Picsart Kids application, a child can start sharpening his simple creativity by drawing something simple. In addition to drawing, small children can also color images with certain choices to make it more colorful and more fun. With the Picsart Kids application, it is expected to increase the creativity of children from an early age.

In addition to drawing, a child can also choose beautiful images online through the templates provided. Picsart kids are very easy to play, so it doesn't make children confused and difficult. Interested in trying, download kids picsart through the Google Play Store.

2. Kids Paintings Coloring Book

Kids Painting Coloring Books is a free android application intended for small children as a basis for exploiting their creativity in the art world, especially drawing and coloring. As parents, of course, you want your children to express their thoughts and feelings as much as they want.

Apart from being a drawing application, a children's painting coloring book is also equipped with a magical automatic staining pen feature and a unique and cool twinkle star appears. Want to try?Download it free via the Google Play Store.

3. Kids Doodle - Color & Draw

Kids Doodle is a very unique and cool coloring drawing and color for kids. This application is very strong in terms of drawing, developers provide a wide selection of interesting brushes for use such as light, rainbow, crayons, sprays, ribbons, various brushes, and others. There are around 24 different brushes that can be used by children to draw characters on existing media.

This application is suitable for 4, 6 or 8 years. Interested in trying, download it for free through the Google Play Store.

4. Drawing for Kids & Toddlers!

Actually drawing for children & toddlers! Is a drawing game for small children. This application is not focused on the image, but focuses on children's games. But this application is also interesting because it can increase the development of children to be able to think more creatively and imaginually positively. By drawing for children & toddlers!, Children can start learning to make funny and unique characters.

Main features of images for children's & toddler applications! There are more than 30 interesting characters to draw, more than 100 fun animations and sounds, simple with a very impressive interface, develop creativity, extraordinary graphics for children, parents' guides, no third party ads, and more.

5. Color Kids: Disney Coloring

The next drawing coloring application is called Color kids: Disney Coloring. With the Color kids application, children can start trying to develop their creativity in the world of digital art. The application grows over time, so you can update it any time you want. Wait for the latest updates regarding existing features later. Interested in trying Color kids, download it for free via the Google Play Store.

6. Coloring For Children

The last coloring application that I can recommend is coloring for children. With this application, it is expected that children can start trying to learn digital art in terms of drawing and coloring.

There are 11 favorite themes, from animals to daughter, more than 220 pages for coloring and playing with, various colors to choose from each theme, extraordinary tools including brushes, brushes and patterns, funny stickers to decorate your child's painting, lots of photo frames Especially for navigation which is fun and easy to use and more. Interested in trying to try, download it for free through the Google Play Store.

With the application of drawing for children, it is expected that parents can also direct their children so they can get positive things. Even though the above application is quite safe, parents also have to monitor it. You can install all the applications above on all Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Lenovo, Asus Zenfone, Xiomi, Smarfreen Andromax, HTC, LG, Motorola, Vivo, Sony Experia, Meizu, and others.

That's a brief review of some Free Drawing and Coloring Applications for Android Phones , Hopefully it can be useful for all of them. Share this article on social media to make it more useful. Thank you 🙂