How to Transfer Data Files from iPhone to New iPhone


How to Transfer Data Files from iPhone to New iPhone

Magelang1337 - Recently, Apple began launching its new product, iPhone 12. You who claim to be Apple Freak, have you owned it? If you intend to have it, that means you have to transfer all data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone; maybe for tech-savvy, something like this has been sealed and smooth to do, but what about iPhone users is still confused?

Do not worry! The signal will help you do it! First step tries to check your iOS system first; if it's 12.4 or higher, it's easier for you to transfer data using a quick start feature provided by the iPhone or iPad on each device. Features begin to quickly offer options to migrate between devices wirelessly.

Features Quick Start ( Quick Start )

How to use this feature is quite easy and you can immediately follow the steps below:

1. First turn on your new device/iPhone and hold close to the old device/iPhone. In this way, quick features begin it will be automatically activated on your old iPhone and provide the option to use the Apple ID for settings on the new iPhone. If the option does not appear, just activate Bluetooth on both devices.

2. After that you put your old iPhone above the new iPhone, but first confirm that the animation 'device migration' appears and the position of the viewfinder on the old iPhone with the animation that appears on the new iPhone is correct. If the camera on the old iPhone doesn't work, you can do it manually.

3. Enter the passcode on your old iPhone on the new iPhone when prompted to continue the feature process start fast.

4. Face ID or Touch ID settings will appear on your new iPhone. Just follow.

5. After the running process, your new iPhone will offer the option to transfer data from one device to another. You will also be given an option to carry out applications, data, and recovery arrangements from the latest iCloud reserves.

In addition to using a quick start feature, iPhone users can also migrate data using the migration feature between devices or what is known as the data transfer feature. This can also be done as easy as the quick starting feature mentioned above. Come on, follow the explanation.

Migration Features between Devices (Data Transfer)

So, now we want to explain how to migrate between devices. See the explanation below:

1. The first step is still the same as operating a quick start feature, which is to turn on your new iPhone and hold it close to the old iPhone until the feature starts quickly actively.

2. After the animation notification that the device migration feature is active, you can restore the old iPhone on the new iPhone.

3. Enter the passcode on your old iPhone on the new iPhone, as an authorization to take data migration.

4. Follow the next instructions after the Face ID or Touch ID setting appears on your new iPhone.

5. The next process is to choose the command to transfer data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone. If you use a cable transfer method, make sure the transfer icon is turned on or the cable is detected. This shows that the device is connected.

6. Bring your two iPhones (old & new) adjacents, don't forget to charge until the iPhone data migration process is complete; because data transfer time can vary based on factors such as the type of connection used, network conditions and the amount of data transferred.

That's how to transfer or migrate data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. The 2 ways above are considered as the easiest way to do so because all features are default features. However, there are several users who choose to use other third-party applications to do it. The following is an application that you can use for data/migration transfers.

Please remember, data transfer or migration carried out by third party applications is only sending your data, not transferring all of your iPhone settings. So pure is only files in storage

Data transfer through the application

So, if there are ways of the Apple feature, now the CARIS signal wants to tell you a different way, namely through the application. For this method, you need to download and install the application first. What is the application? Listen below, yes.

1. Airdrop.

This airdrop application is indeed one of the built-in applications of Apple products. But rarely the user-friendly iPhone uses airdrop to migrate data with a large amount of large amount and its size is rather large. In essence, if old iPhone users don't have so much data and don't really care about other settings, you can use this application.

2. Send anywhere

The highest ranking for transferring applications or data migrations, especially Apple products is held by sending an iPhone anywhere. Get a score of 4.8/5 from thousands of users. Application developed by ESTMOB Inc. This implements securities for users.

Before you can transfer data, users must enter the authorization code. This application with the latest version of 20.11.4, can be used by all Apple products including iPhone, iPad, MacBook and IMAC.

3. Share-it

Share this is a data transfer or migration application launched in 1998! How old are you? Application developed by SHAREI-IT TECHNOLOGY LTD. 36.8 This megabyte makes it easy for you to migrate data from your old iPhone to the new iPhone; the system works almost the same as airdrop; can only transfer data, not your iPhone settings. Data transfer system by sharing - it uses Wi-Fi Direct.

4. Air transfer

The air transfer application, which was launched in 2012 by the developer, Junsik Choi, made it easier for you to transfer or migrate data from your iPhone to another iPhones or to your iPad and your MacBook with just one step. Drag it! And can be done without intunes. It's easy, right?

For now, AI transfers still use version 1.4.5 and there are no other developments. The size of this application is also not too large, only 12.6 megabytes so it doesn't take up a lot of space in your storage.

5. TransferWise.

Other applications for transferring or migrating data (only) trasnferwise. This application was developed by transferWiseswise Ltd with 83 megabytes application size. Just like the previous application; TransferWise will make it easier for you to transfer data to all Apple products. At present the transferwise application uses version 6.9.

That's the way to transfer or migrate data from your old iPhone product to the new iPhone. Apart from the 2 steps given, 5 third-party applications above are also very helpful. So, don't be confused anymore! You can do all the methods above easily and quickly even though some applications above are paid.

If you have recommendations for other third-party applications to transfer or migrate data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone, you can provide information in the comments column.