10+ Android Weight Loss Workout Apps for At Home Free


10+ Android Weight Loss Workout Apps for At Home Free


Blogmagz.com - Free home workout app will be very useful for those of you who want the ideal weight. To lose weight does require a lot of effort. Among these efforts are a healthy diet, adequate rest, and regular exercise. However, for those of you who have a lot of busyness every day, is it possible to exercise regularly and regularly? The answer, of course, can be. The solution for those of you who want to go on a diet program but have a myriad of busy is to download a diet app to lose weight.

The application can certainly help you in maintaining a diet and motivate to live a healthy life. By using the application, you can also get guidance in exercising well and properly.

10+ App Recommendations for Free Home Workout

Congested activities should not prevent you from going on a diet program. Therefore, download some workout apps to lose weight below so that your diet program can run to its full potential.


The first weight loss app recommended for you is MyFitnessPal. One of the specialties of this app is that you can find out the amount of calorie intake that goes into your body.

The presence of barcodes in the app also allows you to enter information about nutrients in packed foods. Then the application will save the data. Not only that, but you'll also be spoiled by one of the special features included. It's a message board that allows you to interact on success stories while dieting with other users. Download HERE

Happy Scale

Furthermore, another running app is Happy Scale. By using this app, you will know the charts of fluctuating weight gain and loss. If you find it frustrating because of the weight that never decreases even though you have exercised, then this best app is the solution. This is because the Happy Scale app is able to monitor the weight loss that occurs. Download HERE


Fitbit is one of those weight loss apps that you can use when you're on a diet program. In specials, you can change your lifestyle while losing weight. You can also track daily apps like sleep patterns, weight, calorie burning, dehydration levels, and also calorie burning that occurs in the body. Download HERE


This weight loss application is able to help you in tracking your weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels in your body. If you have any obstacles in the process of losing weight, then this app will be good to provide the solution. In fact, this Noom app has a program that matches the complaints of its users. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to download it so that the diet process can run smoothly. Download HERE

Lose It!

The weight loss app you can use when you want to lose weight is Lose It! One of the specialties of this app is that it has an interface that you can use and also focuses on calculating the number of calories as well as tracking weight. In addition, you can know your daily calorie needs and make plans for weight loss. This can be known by analyzing weight, age, and also desired health goals.

The difference between this app and other apps is Lose It! has a Snap It feature. This feature you can use to track your food intake and calorie content. Therefore, you are highly recommended to download and use weight loss apps to make your diet program run smoothly. Download HERE


Edo is also included in one of the recommended weight loss apps that you can use. Besides being able to track your food intake from what you consume, this Edo app has recommendations for food ingredients that you should consume every day.

This can be done when you scan the barcodes that are in the packaging. You will also know the detailed information of the ingredients to be used and also the nutritional facts. That way, you're highly recommended to use this one weight loss app. Download HERE


One way to lose weight is to download an app called Yummly. The function of the application is to help you in choosing the food to be consumed. Not only that, Yummly app will also guide you in eating healthy foods.

This 30-day weight loss app is also capable of analyzing your diet, your favorite foods, and also your cooking skills. The output of this app is lifestyle-appropriate food recipes, a shopping list of favorite recipes, and also other important things that have the potential to make your diet a success. Download HERE

Weight Watchers (WW)

Another weight loss app is Weight Watchers (WW) that you can download on the App Store as well as the Play Store. This app is also claimed to be one of the best apps that can guide you through the process of dieting or losing weight.

This application has a barcode scanner with a fairly large database. That feature can be used as a tracker for the food you consume. In addition, with this app, you can monitor your fitness by using the activity tracker. Therefore, it is very important for you to download this one application. Download HERE

Spark Recipe

The last recommended weight loss app is Spark Recipe. This app allows you to succeed in losing weight while eating delicious foods. In this app there are also many recipes that are low in calories. This app can be downloaded and used by android and iOS users. Download HERE

Those are some recommendations for an app for free home workouts that you can use in the diet process or keep your body in good health. There are many benefits that you can get by downloading and using these applications. One of the benefits is regular exercise.