8 Causes of Your Whatsapp Account being Banned (Delete)


8 Causes of Your Whatsapp Account being Banned (Delete)


Blogmagz.com - WhatsApp is one of the favorite applications that now seems to be very attached to every cellphone user. This is because whatsapp is widely used by a broad audience to make reciprocal relationships between humans with each other using the application. So don't be surprised if almost 99% of smartphone users use WhatsApp applications to interact with others.

Maybe you have experienced a prohibited WA account, the cause of a blocked WhatsApp account is usually not suddenly for no reason. WhatsApp account is prohibited from whatsapp due to violations of account owners.

There are two types of Blocked WhatsApp accounts. Temporary block and permanent block. Unlike whatsapp blocked by friends or other people, if the problem is like that, we can still use a WA account, only you who cannot contact the person who has blocked your WA number. WhatsApp account which is blocked by people is personal between WhatsApp users, but if the WhatsApp account is blocked by WhatsApp due to violations, it can no longer be used.

Many of them whatsapp users choose this application because it is considered easier and simpler to use. All facilities provided by whatsapp enough to meet the needs of users from sending messages in text, emoticons, images, videos, files, links and more. This certainly makes whatsapp users feel at home and consistently to use this application.

However, lately there are lots of WhatsApp accounts that come with more diverse versions. However, it is unfortunate that the new version of WhatsApp is not an original product from WhatsApp, but a creative individual modification by adding new features that were not in the original account. This causes the WhatsApp account to be banned. Usually this is marked by a notification with the sentence "your phone number is banned from using whatsapp" . This is certainly quite disturbing your activities in using WhatsApp.

The Cause of Your Whatsapp Account being Banned

The condition of the WhatsApp account that is prohibited is of course an activity that is very disturbing in using WhatsApp. Besides your account cannot be used at a certain time, you also need extra time to recover your WhatsApp account. This makes you have 'fast' whatsapp for a while.

WhatsApp has the provisions if there are accounts that violate the requirements, namely "if we believe that the account activity violates our service provisions, we can prohibit accounts. In accordance with our Terms of Service, we can maintain the right to forbid you without notice".

And here is the cause of your Blocked WhatsApp account, maybe the reviews below you can avoid before your account is prohibited by WhatsApp. Read until the end!

1. Installing unofficial applications (GB Whatsapp)

On the official website, WhatsApp has provided information regarding temporarily blocked accounts. This problem is due to a violation of WhatsApp users who use unofficial WhatsApp applications. On the WhatsApp site, the name of the application has also been clearly stated, such as: GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus and other unofficial applications made by other parties and do not meet the requirements.

2. Send Too Many Messages to Contacts

Sending messages to WhatsApp contacts is very easy to do, especially if you use WhatsApp for business or selling because WA can be used as a promotional medium by sending lots of advertisements to WA contacts in bulk. Actions like this violate the provisions of WhatsApp. Because sending messages to many WA contacts that are not saved can result in your account being permanently blocked.

3. Account Has Been Blocked By Many People

WhatsApp has a feature to block wa contacts from other people, so that person cannot contact via WA. But if many people block your number, your account will be at risk of being permanently banned. Cases like this happen a lot for those who SPAM too many contact messages, until the person who gets the message feels annoyed and blocks your WA account.

4. Spreading HOAX Information

If your WA account is used for illegal purposes such as spreading hoax information and also sharing pornographic files, then WhatsApp can also block your account.

5. Create a Fake Account or Impersonate Someone

It is very easy to change the name without having to wait for verification. So you can impersonate anyone, but if this is done, but if WhatsApp receives a report, your account will be permanently banned.

6. Change or Modify the WhatsApp application code

Not only sending mass messages (SPAM) Other cases such as changing the WhatsApp application code are also illegal. It has been written on the official WA website in the terms and conditions. If you engineer, change, modify, create derivative works of, delete or remove code from the service, we will delete the account.

7. Sending Files such as Viruses or Malware to WA Account Users

You must be familiar with Virtex (Virus Text) Usually if you receive a Virtex Whatsapp message you will be slow, if too much can cause the cellphone to be slow. WA forbids sending viruses or malware to other users using its platform.

8. There are WA users who report your account

WhatsApp makes it easy for contacts or groups for users if someone reports your account to WA from their profile information. And WhatsApp legally finds the complaint, WhatsApp has the right to deactivate your account.

How Long is Whatsapp Account Blocked?

The time given if your WA account is blocked is for two days, but this applies to temporarily blocked accounts. What if your account is permanently blocked by WA. The way you have to submit an application form to recover your account. You can click the following link https://www.whatsapp.com/contact/?lang=id&subject=messenger . Or you can do it via Whatsapp email smb@support.whatsapp.com It does n't guarantee that your account can be returned, it all depends on WhatsApp.

Characteristics of WhatsApp Accounts Blocked

Accounts that are temporarily or permanently prohibited usually have features such as notifications when opening the WhatsApp application. To block there is a notification that the account is temporarily blocked and for a permanently blocked account there is a notification, for example as shown below And if your account is blocked by fellow users, it has the following characteristics:
  • Can't see wa profile photos
  • Send a message, save one check mark
  • The person's account cannot be called from the group
  • Can't see the status
  • Cannot see the status of online on the person's account.

How to Unblock WhatsApp Accounts

If you read the article above, it means that there are two problems with blocking WhatsApp, which is blocked from WhatsApp permanently and temporarily. If your number is permanently blocked by WA, you cannot use it only on WhatsApp, you can still use numbers for SMS or calls.

1. Open Block WhatsApp temporarily
If your WA number is blocked while by WhatsApp, usually because you use an official WhatsApp application. WhatsApp will provide assistance from blocking for two days. You can use that time to migrate or move to the official application, if you don't do this, you can risk that your account will be permanently banned.

2. Open a permanently banned WA account
Permanently blocked there is no time limit and your number cannot be used to log back in on WhatsApp. How to open it you can click the link above and follow the instructions below:
  • Sign in to WhatsApp
  • Screenshot of blocked notification display
  • Then Click the support menu
  • Fill in the description about the chronology of the blocked account
  • Upload the screenshot that has been taken
  • Click next menu
  • And you will be redirected to Gmail 
  • Finally click send message

How to restore a banned whatsapp account

For those of you who have done several causes for the WhatsApp application to be banned, then maybe you will find the words "your phone number is banned from using whatsapp" in your application. If so, of course you will be disturbed in using the application.

This is because if you are banned, your account will be temporarily blocked by WhatsApp with a count of between 24 to 48 hours or even longer. So at that time you will not be able to temporarily use your WhatsApp application. If you experience the WhatsApp application being banned, then you can overcome it by eliminating the cause of the blocking described above. Suppose the cause is because you are using an unofficial WhatsApp application, then you need to delete the application and replace it with the official WhatsApp application.

Next you need to wait for your blocking time to run out. Don't forget to back up messages first before deleting your previous WhatsApp application so that your data and messages are still stored when logging in with the latest installed application. After successfully returning, make sure you don't fall into the same mistake as committing the previous violation

The tips above are how to deal with a temporarily banned whatsapp account. This is of course different if your account has been permanently banned. Here are the steps you can try if your WhatsApp account is permanently banned:
  1. Delete or uninstall the whatsapp application that you used before
  2. Then try to download the WhatsApp application again. Make sure the application you download this time is the official WhatsApp so that it doesn't become a reason to be banned again. 
  3. Follow the steps and procedures requested, by filling in your phone number that was registered on whatsapp previously. If you find your whatsapp account message is permanently blocked then you need to go to the "support" section.
  4. Then write down the problem you are facing "say the account is permanently blocked" then add the screenshot or screenshot of the problem. Don't forget to also add your phone number and press continue.
  5. You will be shown with some questions that are considered to be your problem. However, because there is no discussion related to blocking accounts, then choose the bottom one. Usually use the phrase "this doesn't answer my question".
  6. Next you will be directed to the WhatsApp support email. Start to file complaints and problems by adding phone numbers and screenshots if needed.
  7. If you are lucky, WhatsApp will restore your old WhatsApp account so that it can be used again. However, if you are not lucky then the last step is to create a new WhatsApp account using a new number that has not been registered before.


That's the article regarding the Cause of a Banned Whatsapp Account and How to Unblock it. If this doesn't happen, you have to follow the terms, conditions and rules from WhatsApp to prevent this kind of thing. Thank you