How to Download Google Play Store APK 2021 (Error Solution)


How to Download Google Play Store APK 2021 (Error Solution)

Magelang1337 - How to Download Google Play Store APK. Who doesn't know about applications that are often used by all Android users, namely the Google Play Store. This application was made on March 6, 2012. Google is currently making enormous changes for Android for combining all digital services into the platform we know with Google Play Store

Usually before you download the movie application know to update the application must be accessed via the Android Market. Most Android users often experience errors in the Google Play Store application. If you experience a problem like this, you can download the APK Play Store application. Therefore we are here to share to experience problems in the first way you have to Download Google Play Store and follow tips for solving errors on the Google Play Store.

How to Download Google Play Store APK

This app store provides a wide variety of needs for Android users. There are some apps that are free, paid or Beta. Google Play Store applications can sometimes occur errors for example there are some notifications such as "Google Play Retrieving Information From Server", "Google Play Error 491", "Google Play Error RPC", or "Google Play Error No Connection" if you experience such problems below is the Google Play Store download guide to solve errors there Google Play Store.

Link Download Google Play Store

The Google Play Store can update automatically, but if you're having trouble crashing all apps become unupdateable. DOWNLOAD Google Play Store

To experience the problem you Delete the Google Play Store app, then Download google Play Store APK via the link above. Install the Google Play Store app. If it is usual google Playstore will update all the applications themselves.

How to solve Google Play Store errors

If you've already downloaded the above app and it's also resolved, you may need to follow some tips to resolve the Google Play Store issue.

1. Time and date on Android

Google keeps checking the time and date of running the Play Store. If the time/date on your Android does not match the play Store will experience problems. How to fix it also change the date on your Android. You can choose a format to detect the time and date automatically. Play Store is still experiencing errors try you to set a manual date.

2. Check your Internet connection on Android

If your Google Play Store has an error try to check your internet connection because if your internet connection is unstable, the play Store will experience an error. For example, you can't download an app because the internet is unstable. It does look trivial but in this way it can solve the problem.

3. Update your Google Play App

This problem is very rare, but sometimes the Android we use can not update the Play Store automatically. If your Playstore error try to check the version and make sure you are using the latest version.

4. Update Google Play Service

The Google Play Store must require a Google Play service. If your play Store is still error, check google play service is already using the latest version or updated yet, if it has not immediately updated the play store.

5. Clear google play cache and data

Some cases experienced by Android users of Google Play Store can be fixed by clearing the cache. Cat is where temporary data is so app data can open quickly without the need to reload. The way you set the >> app manager select Google Play Store. Then click the clear cache button. Google Play Store error try to delete data on playstore app and Click clear data button.

6. Re-sign in (Google Account)

The next way to solve Google Play Store error is to re-sign in to Google. How to delete your Google account and then log back in or it can also be with you create a new Gmail account.

7. Turn off VPN

The last is to turn vpn off or off. Indeed with you using a VPN you reach geographically out there and you can also install applications that do not exist in Indonesia. But do you know if you enable this VPN will cause google Play Store to become an error.

End of word

That's how the Download Google Play Store and how to resolve Google Play Store errors. Hopefully the tips above can help the problem that you are experiencing now. If there is anything unclear you can comment below. thanks!