How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Laptop Windows OS


How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Laptop Windows OS

Magelang1337 - How to move photos from iPhone - photos on the iPhone, need to be supported to anticipate a variety of bad possibilities that can eliminate it. You can back up via cloud storage like iCloud or can be on other devices such as laptops. Well, on this occasion, we will explain some moving photos from the iPhone to the Windows OS laptop that you can try. Maybe not many people know this method, because the iPhone is indeed difficult to connect directly to a Windows laptop. For those of you who often use an Android smartphone, you might experience difficulties and need to adjust when you switch to the iPhone, so you don't even know how to transfer files.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows OS Laptop

Even so, it does not mean there is no way that can be done so that photos on the iPhone can be supported to a laptop. But the first thing to do, is installing iTunes on the iPhone you are using. If so, consider several methods that will be explained below.

1. Using a Data Cable

The first and simplest way, is to use a data cable. Later, you will move photos through Windows Explorer just like moving normal files. Here's how to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows OS laptop with a data cable.

  • The first step, please connect the iPhone you are using to the laptop using a USB data cable .
  • If the two devices are connected, a pop-up will appear on the iPhone screen containing permission so that the laptop can connect to the iPhone. Of course this is related to the photo access permissions on the iPhone.
  • If you have iTunes installed , then give it permission by tapping on the Trust button . But if it's not already installed, tap on the Allow button .
  • Then you can directly open Windows Explorer on the laptop.
  • After that, go to the Apple iPhone internal storage directory and open the DCIM folder .
  • Well, now you just need to select the photos to be moved.
  • Copy the photos that have been selected, then paste them into a folder on the laptop.

2. Using the Photos App on Windows 10

For this second method, it can only be used by those of you who use a laptop with Windows 10 OS only. Later, you will use one of the default applications, namely the Photos App, to transfer photos from your iPhone in the following way.
  • The first stage, you need to connect the iPhone to the laptop using a USB data cable first.
  • If the iPhone device is already connected, it will usually be asked to enter the password from the Apple ID . Then enter the Apple ID password that you have.
  • Later, the iPhone device will ask the user to give permission for the laptop by tapping on the Trust button in iTunes.
  • If permission has been given, then all the files on the iPhone's internal memory are ready to be moved.
  • Well, after that open the Photos App application on Windows 10 to move photos from iPhone.
  • In the application, please type the keyword "photo" in the Windows search bar and select Photos App .
  • Then pay attention to the menu in the upper right corner, click the Import menu and select the From a USB device option .
  • The next stage, you can choose which photos will be transferred to the laptop, it can be all or only part of it.
  • If you have finished selecting and specifying the photos to be backed up, then click on the Continue button .
  • Now the process of moving (Copy) will run, and wait until the process is completely finished.

3. Using iCloud Photo Library

If the two methods described earlier are manual ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows laptop, then this one is different. Yes, you will move them through the iCload Photo Library. As is well known, iCload Photo Library is one of the default features on every iPhone device. You only need to activate it, and here's how to activate iCloud Photo Library for those who don't know.
  • First, open the Settings menu on your iPhone and tap on “username” .
  • Then you can select the iCloud menu , then continue to the Photos menu .
  • If you have selected the Photos menu , tap on the “ Enable iCloud Photo Library” option .
  • Well, now open a web browser on your laptop, and visit the site .
  • Sign in to the iCloud account you have, and go to Photo Library .
  • Finally, download all or part of the photos in it and save them into the laptop's memory.

4. Using Google Photos

Apart from iCloud Photo Library, you can also use Google Photos to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows laptop. Actually, the method is also not much different, but so that there are no mistakes, it would be nice if you follow some of the steps that will be explained below.
  • If you don't have the Google Photos app yet , you need to download the app from the Apple Store service first .
  • If Google Photos has been successfully downloaded, then just open the application.
  • Later a notification will appear in the form of "Allow Google Photos to access photos and videos" . Well, you need to allow app access to iPhone memory by clicking allow or allow .
  • If it is allowed, then the photos and videos on the iPhone will automatically be accessed by Google Photos.
  • Well, now the thing that needs to be done is to open a web browser on the laptop, go to the official site of Google Photos .
  • Then login using the account you have, then select the photos to be transferred to the laptop.
  • Select photos one by one, and click the download button to save them.

5. Using Google Drive

The last way to move photos from iPhone to Windows laptop you can try is to use Google Drive. So, here's how to move photos from iPhone to Windows OS laptop with Google Drive.
  • First, please download and install the Google Drive application through the Apple Store service on the iPhone device that you are using.
  • If Google Drive has been successfully installed, just open the application.
  • After that, login using your Gmail account.
  • Then you can open the photos in the iPhone gallery, then select the photos to be moved or uploaded to Google Drive. Click Upload on the selected photo to do so.
  • Next, open a web browser on your laptop and visit the official Google Drive website .
  • Then enter or login to the Gmail account that was used to upload photos on the iPhone.
  • If you have successfully entered into Google Drive, please select the photos you want to transfer to the laptop.
  • Click the download button to save it into your laptop's memory.
Now it's up to you to choose one of the several ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows laptop above. Please choose the method that feels easiest and not complicated to do.