How to Unfriend FB Friends in Bulk. Works!


How to Unfriend FB Friends in Bulk. Works!

Magelang1337 - Facebook is one of the applications of social media with many users around the world. At present, Facebook users have reached 1.3 billion. Facebook is one of the accustomed social media in Indonesia since 2009. At that time in Indonesia, the internet cafe had begun to appear or known as an internet cafe. This is where people begin to surf the virtual world. One of the most accessible social media at that time is Facebook. To make Facebook, you don't need something complicated, it's just that you have to have an email to register it first.

Facebook is a very pleasant social media to access because cities can meet people from all over the world. To interact, we can chat if our Facebook friends are online. It can also be done by posting something in writing or photos that other people can give or comment. This will make us more familiar with our friends in cyberspace. To get friends on Facebook, you can add friends who can reach 5000 friends. It would be very fun if we have many friends.

Having many friends on social media is indeed an advantage. This is because the friends who will have communication with us. But there is a problem if we already have many friends and can't even add friends anymore, while we need to add new friends. Especially if you have many friends who are no longer active on Facebook, of course you want to delete it in large quantities. Can this be done? Of course, let's continue reading our article this time about how to wear FB friends at Mass.

How to Delete Facebook Friends Quickly

This time we will discuss how you can delete friends on FB collectively or in bulk in several ways that we will explain. Maybe you've heard of how to delete friends via Facebook Lite in bulk, the book will not use that method. You can follow the method that we explain later because you can delete Facebook friends in bulk without having to use the application. Many have tried it and it works.

You can delete friends on Facebook, both active and inactive. Reducing inactive friends is of course very important in order to be able to add new friend space on your facebook. The method that we share is quite effective because in 1x deletion process you can delete up to 100 friends. To delete more, you can just repeat the method. What's more, if you use this method, your Facebook friends will not know that their friendship will be deleted. So that your good name is maintained.

How to Bulk Unfriend Facebook Using PC

Here we will explain the first way, namely by using a third party, namely Multi Tools For Facebook. You can delete friends on Facebook in bulk using this method. Here's how to Unfriend Bulk Facebook Friends on PC.
  • The first step you have to do is to install the addon on google chrome on your PC. You can just by clicking on this link addon
  • If you have clicked the link that we provide above, you will be automatically directed to a new window to install the extension on your Google Chrome, called several tools for Facebook.
  • If you have successfully entered, continue by clicking Add to Chrome and then add extensions and will automatically be installed on your Chrome.
  • If the process is successful, you will be directed to the Facebook login page
  • As usual, because you want to delete friends on Facebook, you must enter by entering an email and password that matches the Facebook account you want to use, then select the extension menu at the top right.
  • When the extension has been opened, you can continue with clicking Remover friends
  • You will see a bye bye writing where it works to delete friends on your Facebook
  • When you delete friends by clicking bye bye, a question will appear to convince you, for example, "Are you sure you want to delete friends" if you are not sure, don't click next. But if you are sure you can continue
  • Wait a few moments, if the process is successful, there will be a notification of your Facebook friends' names that have succeeded in being friends.
  • The final step, of course, you must check whether the process works by looking at the number reduced or not. If it has not been reduced, you can repeat the steps above.

How to Unfriend FB Friends in Mass Using Android

  • Your first step is to use the kiwi browser on the google play store, you can also use the yandex browser.
  • If you have installed it, then open the kiwi browser to start deleting friends
  • Copy this link then paste it in the search field and add it to Chrome. If you copy and paste the link above, you must continue using the kiwi browser that we described above. Then you can directly add it to chrome so you don't need to download an app to delete facebook friends.
  • Then you can click OK to add and confirm adding the extension so you can proceed to the process of deleting friends on fb in bulk
  • Later you will be directed to the Facebook login page. If the process of adding this extension is complete, you must login to your Facebook on the page that has been automatically redirected to continue the process of deleting friends.
  • If you have logged in, you need to click the 3 dot button on the top right of the browser
  • Next step you have to scroll down and then click multiple tools for Facebook options so you can continue the process of removing your friends on Facebook
  • To optimize the use of tools, you can click 3 points at the top right as before and then check the desktop site so that it looks like on a laptop
  • Then you can continue by clicking the x button in the upper left corner to choose the Unbque tool
  • If it's open, you can choose that said the tool
  • If the tool menu has been clicked, there will be several choices, for example as shown in the image. But here you choose according to the main purpose, namely a friend's eraser, which is to remove friendship
  • Later there will be a pop up that appears you only need to click OK
  • You can change how many friends you want to delete. Minimum removal is 10 and you can change it to 100. Then if you have, you only need to check the box on the right to be able to choose 100 friends after deleting and then click bye bye.
  • Then you need to re-confirm whether you are sure you want to delete it. If you are sure click the Unfort button
  • The process is complete. If you want to delete it again with a large number, you can repeat the method we have explained above. Until the number of friends you want to delete has been removed.
That was how to unfriend FB friends in bulk using a smartphone. Of the two methods that we have shared above, you can choose the one that you think is the easiest.

Frequently Asked Questions Remove Facebook Friends Mass

Here we accommodate and answer many frequently asked questions about the bulk deletion of friends on Facebook.

How to Delete friends using Facebook Lite?

If you want to delete friends using Facebook Lite of course you can. But you have to do it manually and patiently because you have to do it one by one. You can go directly to the theme you want to delete, then click the friend and unfort button. Then your friend has been removed.

How do I remove Facebook friends quickly?

If you use Facebook Lita, you have to delete it one by one. The solution is to use tools, for example, some tools for Facebook or extensions from Chrome, you can also use the Yandex or Kiwi browser.

How do I delete all friends on Facebook?

You can do it quickly by using the tools we have explained by doing it repeatedly. By using these tools you can delete up to 100 friends per session.


Until here the discussion this time. Many people feel like using Facebook but there are friends who are no longer active. This of course will be trash if it is not deleted, so we provide a way to reduce your friends on Facebook which is no longer active. Thank you for listening to this article. Hopefully it will be useful for those of you who are looking for information related to how to wear fb friends in large quantities.