GB WhatsApp Pro Mod Apk 2021


GB WhatsApp Pro Mod Apk 2021

Magelang1337 - The WhatsApp application is the choice of many people who want to make long-distance communication, be it for voice calls, video calls or just to chat. Like a mandatory application, almost all smartphones have this one application installed.

If you look at the existing data, this instant messenger application outperforms others. So it is not surprising that WhatsApp began to be developed by modders in order to create a new version with various advantages such as GB WhatsApp . But besides this application, there are many other mod versions that are no less popular. The reason someone prefers this WA mod is because the features in it are far more numerous and varied compared to the original WhatsApp. Indeed, each modified version has its own advantages. But among several existing applications, GB WA is a mod that has a lot of features.

In addition, this application also tends to be safer so it does not result in our account being banned. This means that our number can no longer be used. Although this application is not official, but for security there is no doubt.

About GB WhatsApp

When we use the default WhatsApp, we sometimes find some limitations, for example when you want to send a large file or want to download someone else's wa status. With this WA mod, you can do more things, so it's not surprising that currently many are using this modified version.

GB WhatsApp is a modified WA application that has added several features that will make you feel even more comfortable when chatting or other things in the WA application. This application was developed by modder GB Mods. By utilizing this application we can optimize various features. In addition there are some features that we can not find in the original version. This WA GB has several versions, so make sure that the WhatsApp GB you choose is guaranteed safe and always choose the latest version. Because in the updated version you will get more security and bug fixes contained in the previous version. Thus, you will be more comfortable using this apk.

You certainly want to know what features you can get from this WhatsApp mod, for that we have summarized some of the excellent features of this application. But before that you can see some information related to GB WA.
  • Name : GB WhatsApp
  • Version :  16.30.0
  • Size : 43 MB
  • Update Date : 20 June 2021
  • Developer : GB Mods
The size of this application is not large, besides that, to use this mod apk, you don't need to use Android with high specs. So it can be used on almost all devices.

GB WhatsApp Features

With the availability of various features in it, this is the reason why WhatsApp GB users are increasing. Some of the features below are not available in the original WhatsApp, for that, please see the features below:

Hide WhatsApp Status
The status we create will appear for 24 hours. That means each of your friends can see the status. With the features in this application, you can control who can see or hide your wa status.

View Status without Getting Known
This WhatsApp has a feature that can notify the owner of the status when another contact sees it. That way, we as status makers will know who has seen our status. However, by activating this feature, we will not be seen when viewing the status of friends or contacts on our WA. Now you can see other people's wa status without knowing the person who has that status.

Anti Banned
In terms of security, GB WA is no longer in doubt. The presence of this application has been around for a long time and has a very large number of users. Thus it can be ascertained that this application is safe from being banned.

Sending More Files
Sending files via WhatsApp can be done in larger numbers, which can be 100 images at once. While WhatsApp ori will limit sending images in one send.

This feature will make your work easier, because sending files simultaneously makes work faster. In addition, in terms of file size, GB WA has more features. So you can send files with a larger size.

Download Story
For those of you who want to save stories from friends in your contacts. So with this application you can make it possible. You can get this story download feature without using the help of a third application.

This feature will spoil GB WhatsApp users. So they can download the stories they want to save.

Anti Delete Status
The WhatsApp application now has many new features, one of which is to create a WA status. However, it is different from Facebook, because in this application the status is only temporary and can only be seen for 24 hours.

However, with the anti-delete message feature provided by this application, you can still see the message even though it has been deleted or has passed the set time. That way you can still see other people's wa status.

Remove Online Status
You can hide or remove the appearance of your online status, so that contacts on WhatsApp don't know that you are online. You can activate this feature at any time and the method is very easy.

This one feature is special for those who don't want to be disturbed, because when someone wants to contact us, they usually see that the person is online or not.

Can Be Used More Than One Account
Everyone's needs are certainly different, including in this WhatsApp application. Sometimes a person must have more than one account for different purposes. For example, for personal contacts, business and so on.

You don't need to buy a new cellphone to be able to use more than one WhatsApp application. Because in GB WA it has features that can make you have more than one account.

Give Password
For those of you who want to get more privacy, for example, you want to lock messages, so that only you can see them. So with GB WA messages can be locked using the password you created. So if you have a message that is confidential it cannot be seen by others.

In the original WhatsApp itself you can't get it, so for this reason many choose GB WhatsApp as their choice to communicate.

Can Reply Messages Automatically
The existence of this feature is perfect for those of you who are often busy and don't have time to reply to chats quickly. To use this feature, you can make settings starting from the message content, message delivery time, and others.

This feature itself is actually found in the WhatsApp application, but only in the business version. While the regular version is not supported yet.

Have Many Fonts
For those of you who want to send messages with an attractive appearance, then you can choose the font you want to use. There are many types of fonts that you can use to send messages. You can also send messages in reverse, colored, bold or italic.

Hide Tick Two
This messaging application has several signs, including two ticks when the message has been successfully sent, and the color of the tick will change to blue when it has been read. By activating this feature, you can hide the two ticks. Which means the message will be considered unsent and read, because in the sending application only one tick appears.

Delete Typing
When you are replying to a message, then there is a reading "Typing" on our friend's Whatsapp. With GB WhatsApp you can hide or remove the reading. This feature is quite okay because you can't find it in the original WA application.

Make Status Longer
To create a status using a video, then you have to upload a small file that has a short duration. If you exceed the time provided by this application, the video will be cut off. But this doesn't happen when you use GB WhatsApp, because you can upload stories with a larger size and longer video duration.

DND Features
With this DND feature, you can disable the internet connection on the WhatsApp application. This is for those who don't want to be disturbed by incoming calls or messages on Whatsapp.

Those were some of the features found in the WA GB application. By looking at these existing features, then of course you want to try for yourself how exciting it is to use this WA mod.

Download GB WhatsApp Pro Apk

If indeed the features we have mentioned above you need. So we have provided the latest GB WhatsApp for you, be it for Android or iOS users. Immediately you can download it on the link that we have provided. For those of you android users who are looking for the original GB WA, you can download it here. As for those of you who have an iPhone device, you can get it at this link.

How to install WA GB 2021

To install this GB wa application, you must first delete the original version of the application that is already installed on your device. The next step you can do as follows:
  • Go to your android settings menu
  • Next open security and select the application
  • Allow installation from unknown sources
  • Open the GB WhatsApp apk storage folder
  • select the file to start the install
  • Finally, you can wait until the installation process is complete.
The GB WA application is now available on your smartphone. To be able to use all the features above, then you can activate it in the following way.

How to Use GB WhatsApp
For those of you new users, you may find it difficult when you are using and want to activate the features of GB WhatsApp, for that you can follow the instructions for use as follows:

Open the GB WA application

  • Next you enter your number and enter the OTP code
  • When you have entered WhatsApp, select the three-dot menu
  • then select "GB Settings"
  • Here there will be many menus, you can choose "Privacy and Security"
  • Finally, just select the feature you want to activate.
In this GB setting you can change the screen background, change the font and so on. So that will make the appearance of this application more attractive.

How to Update GB WhatsApp

In order to keep getting the latest version of the GB WA application, you can update. The method is as follows:
  • Open this WhatsApp mod application
  • Then you can go to "GB Settings"
  • Then select "Updates"
  • Then you can select "Check for Update"
  • Finally, all you have to do is download the latest version of this application.
If by doing the above method there is no download menu, then that means the application you are using is the latest version.

Advantages of GB WhatsApp

Making this application a replacement for the original version has been done by many people. Because the existing features are very complete, as we have said above. But you can also see other advantages, which are as follows:
  • Can send messages with more characters
  • Can send blank messages
  • Send video files with more HD picture quality
  • File size sent reaches 1GB
  • Remove Online Status
  • Unseen Typing
  • Anti Delete Message
  • Lock Message
  • Removing Blue Tick
Some of these advantages you will not find in the original application. This reason is also why GB WA users are always increasing.


Like two sides of a coin, this application in addition to having advantages also has disadvantages. The drawback is that there are still bugs that often appear so that it interferes with comfort when using it. In addition, for those of you who rarely update this application, this will risk getting banned.

The final word

We have conveyed some of the features, advantages and disadvantages of the GB WhatsApp application to you. As for whether you want to switch to this application or not, then we will return it to you. What is certain, whether it's the original version of WA and the mod, of course, have their respective advantages.