10 Ways How to Hack the Latest Facebook Account in 2022


10 Ways How to Hack the Latest Facebook Account in 2022


Blogmagz.com - You can use the latest 2022 Facebook hack method to hack a Facebook account that has forgotten its password or lost its login access, but make sure it’s not something negative. So, follow this article until it’s finished. If it comes to our minds, can we break an account in an application as big as Facebook? The answer is yes, guys. The method is very easy, but do not let you use it wrong.

The method that the Blogmagz team shares this time you can do if your Facebook account forgot your password, or was hacked by someone else. So, don’t use this method to hack other people’s Facebook accounts.


  1. Copy the URL link of the target Facebook which you want to hack.
  2. Go to the https://face-geek.com/ website and don’t forget to change the language to English, because the default language on this website is French.
  3. Click the green Click Here To Hack Facebook Account button .
  4. Next, paste the target Facebook link that you copied earlier into the column that is already available on the website. Then click Hack Facebook Account .
  5. Wait until the account link reading process is complete. Please be patient, because this process does take a little time.
  6. Finally, if the process is complete, you will see the details of the Facebook profile that you want to hack, then click Access Hack Account (Victim’s Facebook Name) , after that just follow the next steps to change the password of the Facebook account.

How to Hack Facebook with the Guess Password Method

One of the most commonly used ways to hack Facebook is by guessing the password method. As the name implies, this method is done by guessing or estimating the password combination used by someone. Most people use passwords related to their identity such as name, date of birth, important dates, and so on.

Quite often people hack other people’s FB accounts by trying to guess the password. You can also do this simply by trying various combinations of letters, numbers, birthdays, or names. Therefore, it is not surprising that when creating an account it is recommended to use a complex password so that it can be maintained.

How to Hack Facebook with Forgot Password Method

In addition to the first way to hack Facebook, you can also try other methods that are no less practical. Why practical? Because this method can be done directly without having to use the help of additional applications. Yes, you can try to hack a FB account using the forgot password method. Here are the steps that you can follow.

1) First, open the Facebook page.
2) After that you can select “Forgotten Account?” or “Forgot Password?”.
3) Next, enter your FB account email or phone number.
4) After that, click “Search”.
5) Next you will get a recovery code sent to your email or cellphone.
6) Then, click “continue”.
7) Enter the recovery code.
8) Then, click “continue”.
9) Then create a new password.
10) You can login to your FB account with a new password.

How to Hack Facebook with Fake Account

Hacking FB will be easier if we know some information in the account. To obtain this information, you can use the new page. How to hack FB using a fake login makes the target not realize that they have logged in on a fake page. Usually someone will find it difficult to distinguish a fake page and a real facebook because it looks similar. When in fact the URL address is different.

How to Hack Facebook with Keylogger

Another way that is no less easy to hack facebook can be done by using an application called Keylogger. But of course, to use Keylogger as a way to hack FB, you need to install it first on a laptop.
Keylongger is a hack application that uses a facial recognition method system. That is, with keylongger you can record and hack someone’s account which is sent in the form of a log via email. Based on these logs, hackers can get information about the account to be hacked.

How to Hack Facebook with Hoverwatch

Another application that can help you hack Facebook is hoverwatch. Just like keylongger, first you need to download and install this application first.

Hoverwatch has several uses such as hacking social media accounts, tracking locations, or viewing other users’ photos and FB accounts. It doesn’t stop there, hoverwatch can also be used to view someone’s message sent via Facebook.

How to Hack Facebook with SpyBubble

The next way to hack facebook is to use the spybubble application. This application can help you hack FB accounts easily and practically. Moreover, the spybubble application can be used on Android or iOS-based phones. Unfortunately, Spybubble is considered to have incomplete features when compared to other hack applications. But this application is still worth trying.

How to Hack Facebook with Spyic

An application called spyic is quite popularly used to hack social media accounts including Facebook. No less easy with sppybubble, you can also use the spyic application to hack FB accounts. Spyic is quite popular among hackers because it has several advantages such as no need to root the phone.

Therefore, the spyic application is easy to use. Another advantage, spyic is also an application that is not easily detected, so it is fairly safe.

How to Hack Facebook with Spyera

Another application that you can use to hack Facebook is Spyera. When compared to other applications, Spyera’s features are not as many as other applications. However, this application has the advantage that it can be used on both Android and computers.

How to Hack Facebook with Cocospy

Cocospy is an application that can be used to hack Facebook. In cocospy, there are many advanced and unique features in it. Even so, cocospy is also one of the most secure, simple, and easiest to use applications. Another advantage, this application can be used without rooting and jailbreak. So, you can access Facebook messages or passwords without having to root first.

It’s done! Now you have successfully hacked your target’s Facebook account. How? How hack Facebook account, right? Follow the steps carefully, guys, to get the results you want. Good luck and good luck!