10+ Ways to Download Instagram Stories Through Websites and Apps


10+ Ways to Download Instagram Stories Through Websites and Apps


Blogmagz.com - The IG Story feature with music can now be downloaded automatically via the Instagram application. In addition, there are websites and mobile applications to download Instagram stories, here are the explanations.

How to download Instagram stories without other applications can be done. Today Instagram continues to update various interesting features such as Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories with music. The Instagram Story feature can be viewed for 24 hours, after which it will enter the story archive. How to open this story archive can be seen in the Instagram menu view.

How about downloading an IG story on someone else's Instagram account? How to download Instagram story videos can be through a screen recorder or application. In addition, you can download IG Story with the music feature through the Instagram application itself. However, if some phones don't provide this feature, you can use the Instagram Story download website or application.

Download Instagram Stories on Your Own Account Instagram

Provides a feature to automatically save IG stories in the phone gallery. The trick is to open settings (settings), then select privacy (Privacy), then go to the "Story" menu then slide "Save to camera roll" for Iphone. While the android application says "Save to Gallery".

How to download Instagram story videos manually: 
  • Open the Instagram app.  
  • Open the Instagram story of your account that you want to download.  
  • Tap the three-dot icon in the lower right corner.  Then click "Save" or "Save Video".

How to Download Instagram Stories Without an Application

Here are some websites that can be accessed to download Instagram stories on other accounts:

1. Storysaver.net

Open the www.storysaver.net website in a browser to download Instagram Stories. How to download  as follows: 
  • Write down the user name or IG account name that you want to download the story for 
  • Click the download sign below the user name box 
  • Select the story you want to download or view the Highlights on the Instagram account you want to download 
  • After that click "Save As" to save on your phone or computer

2. Snapinsta.app

How to download Instagram story videos: 
  • First open Instagram in the browser or the Instagram app.  
  • Enter the username to upload the Instagram story on Snapinsta.app. 
  • Select the story you want to download.  Click "download videos".

3. Toolzu.com

There are various download options on Toolzu. 
You can download photos, videos, profiles, IG Stories or IGTV. It's easy, just enter your username, then click download at the bottom of the button.

4. Savefrom.net

The Savefrom.net website provides Instagram stories features for download. The method is quite easy, namely entering the Instagram username , then clicking the "download" button to the right of the username column. You can choose the Instagram story that you want to download on that account. After selecting click the download button.

5. Instasave.net

Instasave.net provides a feature to watch and download Instagram Stories anonymously. It's easy, just enter the Instagram username you want to download the story for. Then click the download button to the right of the username. 

6. Storiesdown

Storiesdown is a website for downloading Instagram stories without an application. In addition, this website provides a feature to watch Instagram stories anonymously, so IG users cannot find out which account is watching. This website provides a feature without logging in to an Instagram account first.

7. Download IG Story at igram.io

How to download Instagram Stories on igram.io: 
  • Open the Instagram app on your phone or website .  
  • Click on the three dots below Instagram.  
  • Then click copy link Go to the website igram.io. 
  • After that click the download button below the Instagram link.

Download Instagram Story Videos Using the App

Here are some applications to download Story IG for Android and IOS phones: 

1. Instant Save

Instant Save provides photo, video, and Instagram Story download features. In addition, this application provides a feature of reposting photos from other IG accounts. Here's how to download Instagram Stories in Instant Save:
  • Download the Instant Save app 
  • Copy the video link or Instagram Story link 
  • Open Instasave 
  • Then download IG Story

2. Story Saver for Me

This application can save and view uploaded photos and IG Stories. You can download IG stories without entering your Instagram account and password. How to download is quite easy, you can go through a username search and then download IG Story.

3. Repost Stories

Repost Stories is an application to repost photos on Instagram and download IG stories . The easy way is to find a username in this application then you can repost to another Instagram account. 

4. Social Connect

The Social Connect application provides a feature to download and view Instagram stories without being seen. It's easy, just copy the link to the Instagram account you want to see, then you can view and download Instagram stories.

5. How to Download Instagram Story Using the Screen Recorder Feature 

If you have a screen recorder feature , use the app to record IG Stories in the Instagram app. This application can also record voice or music features provided on IG Story. 

It's easy, you just open the screen recorder application, then start to record IG Story videos on the account displayed on Instagram. Then click "Stop" to stop recording IG Story.