7 Free Online Games For Kids Online (No Download)


7 Free Online Games For Kids Online (No Download)


Blogmagz.com - The impact of the internet for children is not just about minor notes rubbing against addiction. It should also be noted that this connected platform has many online games that are fun, interactive, safe and also have educational purposes.

Here are some educational online game sites for children, especially for children under 13 years old.

Free Online Games For Kids Online No Download

1. NASA Kids Club

NASA Kids Club is part of the official NASA website dedicated to kids. This game site contains several games in space that NASA deliberately prepared as a medium for learning, and having fun. For example, your little one can see Earth from space or try to pilot a robot that has been sent to Mars. Here

2. FunBrain

FunBrain is a very up-to-date online game-based educational site for kids. This site has several games that hone math skills, reading skills, it also contains books and comics in English. Here

3. PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games has a very simple, colorful yet fun interface for kids. Some of the games on this site are also very accurate as a portal to learn new things. Among the games unique to this site are tutorials on how to cook and serve food. Here

4. Starfall

Starfall is one of the educational online game sites for children, where there are letter recognition games, math games, music games that are very didactic but simple and still fun. Here

5. Kids National Geographic

Kids National Geographic is one of the most popular online game portals prepared by today's documentary network. Here, the baby can learn many interesting things about animals, see photos of nature, learn about different countries and try out scientific experiments. Here

6. Music-Maker

Music-Maker is an educational game created by the well-known developer KneeBouncer. This game has an easy navigation system where your little one only needs to click on the icon with the piano image. On the right side, the child can select drums, piano, guitar and start playing.

The song selection is on the left, and from there, simply press any key to play the selected song with the existing instrument. For the piano, the child can also move the cursor over the keys to play it.

7. LingoAce

This app may not per se an online game but eits wait a minute. LingoAce is an online Chinese course platform that adopts a play while learning approach to teach authentic and efficient Chinese material.

Not just a concept, LingoAce designs ways of learning that are specially prepared for the digital generation. The method of delivery is also very varied. Starting from gamification, attractive illustrations, and interactive quizzes to strengthen lesson points better.

The figure of the teaching staff has also been prepared in detail. LingoAce enforces strict standards with reference to the Putonghua Ability Test results and native speaker standards. It doesn't stop there, teachers who work at LingoAce are also given educational psychological training, professionalism, teaching and communication skills.But, of all the pluses of LingoAce, the fact that the service is so affordable is the most important.

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