How to Spotify Download on Mac Fast & Free!


How to Spotify Download on Mac Fast & Free!

Magelang1337 - How to Download Spotify on Macbook is suitable for those of you who like to listen to music while working and other activities. The Macbook is a laptop released by a technology vendor that is already well known in the world, which comes in three versions, namely the Macbook, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. Compared to other laptops, of course different. One of these differences lies in the features and interface it has.

One example is when you use a Windows laptop, of course you are familiar with the cross (X) in the upper right corner. If you click the cross, it means exiting the application or document. Unlike the Macbook with Mac Os which only has a red button at the far left of the application. The button serves to minimize the application, not close.

Spotify for Macbook

Whatever device you use, it seems lonely without music. Because music brings the soul to unique situations, adapting the strains and poetry. Spotify is one of the preferred music applications that is recommended for those of you who have an artistic soul, for example, you really like listening to songs even when working with devices like Macbooks. Maybe we often see Spotify on smartphones, but rarely find it on large devices.

Not many people know about how to download Spotify on a Mac, so in this discussion you must watch it until the end. As a digital music streaming platform, of course, not a few want Spotify on their devices. Because this application is easy and able to adjust the listener. Only by connecting to WiFi or the Internet, you can search for your favorite songs without the hassle of downloading and storing them in the gallery.

Tricks and How to Easily Spotify Download on Mac

Of course it's very old, right? If you have to wait for the song to be saved then you can listen to it. Now is the modern era, so you have to know how to download Spotify on Macbook so you can relax your mind while working. Having problems with downloading applications is common, especially if it is reasonable to ask because each device has its own way. Like this Apple device, of course you need a way to download Spotify on a Macbook in order to use this music application.

Create a Spotify Account

Create an account on the Spotify network. Open in a browser and you can directly register there. After completing registration, then verify the account. Later you will be directed to "Download Link" .

Download Spotify on Macbook

The download will automatically continue, otherwise click on the download link and click on “Save File”. (Perhaps this step differs from browser to browser).

Run Program

How to download Spotify on the third stage of the Macbook, after the download is complete, please open the folder containing the downloaded file. Then double click to run.

Install Spotify

Still in step 4 of how to download Spotify on a Macbook, a message will appear prompting "Drag Spotify to the Application Folder".

(For the record, if an error appears such as the file cannot be moved as the application cannot be changed and a warning dialog box will appear. Then the steps that must be taken are to authenticate and continue).

Enjoy Unlimited Music on Spotify

The fifth stage of how to download Spotify on this Mac, the application is ready to use

So, how easy is it to download Spotify on a Macbook? Now you can also work or do activities such as typing, designing, or other activities with a Macbook, but you can still enjoy your favorite songs.

Spotify Download on Mac