Latest Link Rufus Download 2022 (Free)


Latest Link Rufus Download 2022 (Free)


Latest Link Rufus Download - For computer technicians, it must be familiar with the name of the Rufus application, because this application is already part of the tool used to help his work. Rufus is an application that serves to help create bootable flash drives on the creation of operating system installers such as windows XP, 7, 8, 10. By making a bootable flash for the installation of the operating system the install process will run faster than using CD media. because the data reading process occurs on digital devices.

Rufus is one of the most popular applications when it comes to creating bootable flash drives, considering the process that runs faster. You can download and use the Rufus application for free because Rufus was developed by Akeo Developer which made it a free software with free licensing.

Latest Uses of Rufus Download

Rufus is not limited to what kind of operating system will be made bootable, Rufus supports all types of operating system files both windows and linux, you can make it bootable using Rufus. Features that rufus developers excel at to make it easier for its users:

Support Variety ISO, by using the Rufus application you do not think whether the file you will install can run on Rufus or not, because by default Rufus already supports a variety of iso files for operating system installation support.

Including Various OS, rufus used to only support windows operating systems that can be made bootable, but now Rufus already supports various operating systems such as various versions of windows and various linux distros that will automatically be detected when ISO files are selected from your computer.

Bootloader support, if you really need a bootloader because on your computer there is more than one operating system you don't need to worry, because Rufus already supports the implementation of bootloader installation which means if you need it then you can use this feature.

Support Format Flash, when you use a flash device randomly, you don't have to worry about whether Rufus will be able to detect your flash device or not, because Rufus is already supported with a filesystem that is able to detect and recognize various drive formats such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, UDF or ReFS filesystems.

Simple and fast, the main thing about bootable devices is the level of ease and performance, it is necessary to know that the bootable manufacturing process will take a lot of resources, so the creator device is too heavy it will be more burdensome for the computer used. Fortunately Rufus has a simple and light look so that when run it will not take up a lot of resources.

Latest Rufus Download

Because it has become a favorite and widely used by computer lovers, Rufus is now available in various languages, including all language. But if you want to use the Rufus application, you must prepare a computer device with enough specifications to make a bootable flash, with minimum specifications using the windows 7 operating system both 32 and 64 bit. Latest and free Rufus download link via the link below:

Link Download Installer Version >> **HERE**
Link Download Portable Version >> **HERE**