Opera GX Download Free 32 / 64 Bit (New 2022)


Opera GX Download Free 32 / 64 Bit (New 2022)


Blogmagz.com -  Opera Browser is famous as one of the browsers that have high performance when used. Opera always presents capable features and of course interesting to try, the browser from Opera is already famous for its high performance when used. Further developing their platform, Opera has now released Opera GX as one part of their browser. However, Opera GX has features that are focused differently from the regular Opera Browser.

Opera realized that there are many online games spread on the internet, the development of technology and entertainment that is increasingly diverse, making many websites offer online games that can be played by gamers. If you use a regular browser, it's not enough, right? Therefore, Opera developed Opera GX as a browser specifically for gamers. By using Opera GX, you can access the sites of game providers from all over the world.

Opera GX is equipped with multi-tasking capabilities when playing games, such as when you add Tabs to play more than one type of game. Interesting isn't it?

Features and Advantages of Opera GX

Opera GX Download

Opera GX offers interesting features and of course you can use it for PC gaming needs. Besides being able to play various games, Opera GX can also play various types of games on iOS and Android.

So, for games that cannot be installed in the desktop version you can play in the website version. Easy isn't it? In addition, Opera GX is equipped with a Flow feature, where you can connect your mobile device and PC when playing games. Opera GX is made specifically for you gamers, therefore the features are adapted very capably. Are you interested in using Opera GX? Here we summarize some other interesting advantages of GX Opera.

Games News
Created specifically for gamers, Opera GX comes with entertainment in the form of news about games from all over the world. You will not miss other interesting news, around the world of games.

Flow with Phone
The Flow feature in Opera GX is a feature that allows you to connect your smartphone and PC. So, you can play games on the PC version where it has a wider appearance.

Easy to Connect
Connecting Opera GX with a smart phone for flow feature is also very easy, no need to use a USB cable. You just need to scan the QR code, Opera GX will automatically adjust the appearance of the game on the desktop.

Download Opera GX Latest

Opera GX is designed with a simple look, the use of dark basic colors makes the browser look very similar to the look of professional gaming sites. The feature can also be used easily.

Opera GX is one of the browsers for gamers that must be tried. In addition, Opera GX is widely equipped with capable features that allow you to be more comfortable playing games in the Opera GX browser. Download the latest and free Opera GX for Windows via the link below:

Link Download Opera GX 32bit >> HERE
Link Download Opera GX 64bit >> HERE