Vidmate Apk Old and Latest Download 2022 Premium!


Vidmate Apk Old and Latest Download 2022 Premium!

Magelang1337 - There is one video download application that is already very famous and is still sought after today. the app is an old and latest Vidmate APK that is much liked by people. Because this application is claimed to have a lot of features that make the download process easier.

Indeed, currently on the internet there are many providers of video downloads online, fast and easy. But even so, lovers of the Vidmate application are still very difficult to turn away and maybe you are one of them.

Of course, there are replies to reasons that make users do not want to change to other online video download providers. so sometimes someone deliberately looks for the old version of Vidmate even though there is currently the latest version.

What is Vidmate App

Vidmate is one of the mobile applications that has a function to download and store various digital content. The average Vidmate application is known to have a very simple display style and is easy for anyone to operate even if it is a new user.

You can even save content in various types such as videos, images, music or MP3s and others just with this app. No wonder there are so many smartphone users who are always looking for and downloading this application.

The features in it greatly facilitate the process of downloading content on the internet. You can save videos from YouTube and other social media easily and quickly to your device using this app.

Video storage to your own device has several reasons such as being able to be viewed at any time without the internet or wanting to make it a collection. So that the download process can be done easily, you can use an application like Vidmate.

Vidmate is a developed application from UCWeb which is one of the subsidiaries of the Alibaba group company. As you already know that Alibaba is an online service provider that is very famous in the world and there is no doubt about its quality.

The popularity of the parent company has helped Vidmate to become the most favorite content download application. The number of people using this application is claimed to reach 600 million people spread to up to 100 countries around the world.

Well now there is a lot of discussion of old and latest Vidmate APK. Because many users complain about the uncomfortable usage experience in the latest version. So many prefer to look for the old version.

Although the search process is also not easy. Because you have to dive into various sites in order to find the download link. Of course there are many reasons why people prefer to use the old version and many also use the latest version.

Difference Between Old and Latest Vidmate APK

As a digital application, of course, the developer will continue to develop and improve various parts of an application. Although maybe the development can eventually provoke dislike for old users.

But after all, the development must continue to be done in order to improve services and adjust also to the times. There are several reasons why there are two camps, namely people who like the old Vidmate and the camp likes the latest version.

Vidmate Features and Advantages

The popularity of the old and latest Vidmate APK application is indeed unquestionable. There are many parts of the app that people love. So even though there are many similar applications, Vidmate will still be the most sought after.

Especially in the latest version of the Vidmate application, you can find many additional features that will not be in the old version of the application. But even so, the old version is also a lot of advantages as explained earlier regarding the difference between the old and new versions.

Here is an explanation of the features and advantages of Vidmate in general:

1. Can Download Content From Multiple Platforms

This first feature is certainly a favorite for everyone and applies to the old and latest Vidmate APK app. The feature is that you can download a wide variety of content from many social media platforms.

This feature is very complete and unlike other online download provider services that only provide for one social media only. You only need one application and can store and collect a lot of content from several social media.

Some social media that can be used as a source of content is like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others. You just need to search for the desired video from a social media in the Vidmate application. Next the system will provide the download button.

2. Download Resolution Options Vary

For this next feature, you can also still find it on the old and latest Vidmate APK, namely there is a choice of download resolution. Maybe at first you thought that this feature would only apply to videos from YouTube.

But it turns out that almost all the content you enter into Vidmate, can be selected the final result of the resolution. These include resolutions on content in the form of sound or MP3. You can choose several types of MP3 quality such as 128K or 256K.

This will also have an impact on the size of the final result of the content you want to save. The smaller the resolution chosen, the smaller the final size. And vice versa.

3. The Download Process is Fast

Another feature on the old and latest Vidmate APK is that it chooses a fairly high download process speed level. Most people usually think that when the process of downloading files is slow, the cause is the internet network.

Though it can also be a server from a download provider that is not able to run optimally. Fortunately, in this Vidmate application, you will get a relatively high download speed. So that it can store a variety of content with a fast time even though the file size is also large. For example, like video files from YouTube with high quality, usually the size is also large.

4. Save Directly To SD Card

There is a very helpful setting inside the old and latest Vidmate APK app. That setting is to be able to move the storage used to SD Card. Quite rarely there are applications of online download service providers that have features like this. People really need this kind of feature. Especially for those of you who have limited internal storage. With this feature you can directly save all the downloaded files to the SD Card and there is no need to be afraid of full storage.

5. Download MP3 Format

Next on the old and latest Vidmate APK, you can also convert the video content so that it can be stored in MP3 form. Especially the videos that come from YouTube, you can save it as a sound easily and quickly. In addition to conversions from videos, you can also download other MP3 files as usual.

6. Free Service

Almost everyone would love free services without paying anything. This kind of service will be easily found on Vidmate APK. All the features in it can be used freely without any subscription fee. So you can freely wear it until satisfied without being restricted. Although maybe you will be quite disturbed when there are ads that air when operating the application.

Because from this advertisement the developer can get money in lieu of a subscription. If you are not comfortable with the existence of advertising, the solution is to use the old vidmate application. Because the number of pop-up ads is quite limited and some even say nothing at all.

7. View TV Streaming

Vidmate APK old and latest in addition to having a download feature, it also has a feature of watching TV live streaming. You can use the in feature freely without anyone limiting it. Even the number of TV channels available there are a lot of up to 200 channels and can be accessed at any time as much as possible. You can enjoy channels from national to foreign tv with just one application.

8. Unrestricted Download

This feature is the same as what was explained earlier, namely you can download all digital content without any restrictions. Everything is free only with an adequate internet network.

9. Many Formats Available

For this feature actually also includes an explanation about being able to download from various social media. The old and latest Vidmate APK application can store a lot of content in various formats such as MKV, MP4, MP3, MID and many more.

Download Vidmate APK Old and Latest

Download Vidmate OLD >> **HERE**
Download Vidmate NEW >> **HERE**

How to Download Content On Vidmate APK Old and Latest

  1. First after the application you install, you can run as usual.
  2. Next select the tab that says 'Features' and select one of the social media that you want to download the content from.
  3. Select one of the desired content can be played for a moment for review.
  4. If you have just pressed the 'Download' button.
  5. Don't forget to choose the level of resolution you want.
  6. Finish.

This old and latest Vidmate APK does offer many advantages and conveniences. You can freely choose the old version of Vidmate or the latest. It all depends on your needs and tastes.