How to Install and Download the Latest Slack for Windows


How to Install and Download the Latest Slack for Windows


Slack is an application program that serves to collaborate work in a company, the Slack application program was first applied to the tiny speck company which at that time was working on the development project of Glitch, an online game platform whose name is now no longer recognized because it has been stopped. The name Slack itself is taken from the acronym of a search log throughout conversations and knowledge.

The Slack app program was first launched in August 2013, along with the advancement and the number of users hungry for innovation, finally in January 2015 Slack officially acquired Scrennhero. When Slack was enjoyed by users and received a positive response from its users, in March Slack announced to the public, especially users, that they had been hacked for 4 days and that the user's data had been compromised.

Slack Features to Know

Some of the data stolen are email address data, usernames, hashed passwords, and, in some cases, phone numbers and Skype IDs associated with their accounts. This incident certainly made its users leave Slack because it was considered unconstitutional in handling the user's data security system.

But over time, Slack gradually continued to improve its security system and even continued to acquire many software companies to complement and add features to Slack that were finally able to restore user trust.

Some of the features available in the Slack application program are as follows:
  1. Teams, using the Slack app program, will allow you to do the work together by inviting others via a URL to join your team on a project. The process of summoning new team members will be carried out by the administrator or admin in the team.
  2. Messaging, people who have joined together with your team in the Slack application program will be facilitated in terms of communication, because when between members want to have a conversation you do not need to go through a phone or email, because in Slack there is already a message chat service that team members can use to greet each other. The most important thing to use a messaging service is to have already joined the team.
  3. Integrations, when you use the Slack application program to handle the work of your team, you no longer need to think about how to store various kinds of project files, because Slack has directly integrated with various popular drive provider services that include major integrations such as Google Drive, Trello, Dropbox, Box, Heroku, Bluemix IBM, Crashlytics, GitHub, Runscope, Zendesk and Zapier and many more.

Download Slack for Windows

With many excellent features offered by Slack in helping you to work on projects with one team, it will certainly be very profitable for your company, in addition, now Slack has officially integrated its program with various online drive service providers. So that your work will be more guaranteed. You can get the latest Slack download link below: